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The atmospheric electro pop of Austra, BAR and Oppenheimer Analysis is in the spotlight today. While Austra is already pretty well known thanks to last years album “Olympia” both BAR and Oppenheimer Analysis can -for quite different reasons - still very much be classed as somewhat of an insider tip.

Austra "Habitat"
Following two highly acclaimed albums, the Canadian trio Austra decided to release “Habitat” on an EP only. But despite being a track that did not fit on any of the previous albums, it definitely is not to be classed or in any regarded as a leftover. It actually is one of the catchiest tracks that Austra has composed, while still being heavily indebted to the band’s reinterpretation of dark wave. So perhaps this track will mark the end of Austra's first creative phase, meaning that we can expect the unexpected from the next album.

BAR "Luna May"
Having provided a home to all kinds of new wave and krautrock influences, the Berlin based label Italic never ceases to excite with each new release. The latest one comes from freshly formed duo BAR, consisting of Christina Irrgang and Stabil Elite member Lucas Croon. They went straight ahead to release the album “Welcome To Bar” instead of testing the waters first with singles. With fantastic and groovy tracks like “Luna May”, this was definitely a good idea.

Oppenheimer Analysis "The Devil's Dancers"
We're not putting our head above the parapet saying that Oppenheimer Analysis had an influence on both of the previous bands. Founded by Andy Oppenheimer and Martin Lloyd in 1982, the duo became a household name within the small cold-wave-scene. They released only few tapes but rose to greater prominence in 2005 when one of their tracks was released on the first “The Minimal Wave Tapes” compilation. Martin Lloyd sadly died in 2013 and some months later a self titled EP was released containing all the best songs from the band’s career - “The Devil’s Dancers” being the greatest one.


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