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Take any formal outfit up a few notches by adding refined cufflinks, a tie clip or even a statement lapel pin. Our selection of designer men's accessories is brimming with impeccable formal finishing touches, just the ticket for elevating your own collection or gifting to the modern professional in your life. Whether you're sporting a tuxedo or a business suit, accessories present the perfect way to add your own charisma to tailoring and evening looks.


A tie bar or tie clip offers the perfect union of form and function, with the elegant look adding a flash of interest to plain silk ties while keeping it tidily in place at the same time. Create distinctive coordination by building tonal effects with ties, pocket squares and cufflinks: by choosing items with a similar hue (but with their own distinct style), you can take professional and formal looks into a whole new territory. Dressing for wedding season? Elegant wedding cufflinks, traditional boutonnière lapel pins and other statement accessories are a great route to personalised styling for the groom or the father of the bride.


For the more everyday approach, lapel pins offer a modern way to personalise your suit jacket, and many designs come complete with their own creation. If you're styling up your jacket but you're not sure where to put the lapel pin, try inserting or attaching it through the buttonhole on your lapel. If the lapel has no buttonhole, you can simply push the pin right on through and position it sharply upright, making your own choice about whether to leave the bottom of the pin on show or to tuck it away tidily behind the lapel.