Starring Jamie Dornan and Birgit Kos

BOSS The Scent

Made for two: BOSS The Scent for him and for her

Actor Jamie Dornan and model Birgit Kos step into the spotlight as the faces for the latest BOSS The Scent campaign. Discover more from our leading man and woman, who explore the power of scent to capture the senses.

The Scent Private accordThe Scent Private accord
A new allure

Captivating, irresistible: the unmistakable qualities of BOSS The Scent are reworked into another form. A new edition of the fragrance - BOSS The Scent Private Accord - joins the collection, and begins a new story of seduction.

Augmented Sensuality

A fragrance or a perfume has the power to transport you instantly to a different time and place. Suddenly all-consuming, scent is the most powerful of our senses, and cannot be replicated digitally.

Birgit Kos for BOSSBirgit Kos for BOSS
Get closer

Starring Jamie Dornan and Birgit Kos, the new film shows the power of fragrance to break through barriers. Scent takes over our protagonists' senses to bring them together.

Birgit Kos and Jamie Dornan for BOSS
A game of equals

The BOSS man is led by his instincts, while the BOSS woman takes life on her own terms. Both are drawn together through mutual attraction.

BOSS the scent for him and BOSS the scent for herBOSS the scent for him and BOSS the scent for her
Strength and sensuality

The journey begins with the simple act of getting closer, but the intensity of the encounter is enhanced by the seductive fragrances of BOSS The Scent for him and for her