Meet the Female Guests

A Wild Wedding

The bride wore HUGO

It’s her big day. All eyes are on her. This bride ups her head-turning potential in a chic HUGO two-piece paired with a red lip.

The upstaging the bride kind

If she could she'd wear white. This guest is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers, especially the bride's. She makes sure all the attention is on her in a striking, camouflage-print dress from the new collection.

Flower print dress by HUGOFlower print dress by HUGO
The first two at the buffet

If truth be told they only came for the free food, but that doesn't mean they don't look good. She wears a flattering jumpsuit that cinches in at the waist, while he's chosen a smart suit with a touch of stretch, for a modern (and comfortable) take on wedding attire.

Wedding collage with HUGO looksWedding collage with HUGO looks

Rose dress by HUGORose dress by HUGO
Women in a sofa dressed by HUGOWomen in a sofa dressed by HUGO
The single girls

If you’re minus a plus one like these ladies, you might as well own it (or at least try to). These three guests prove there really are no rules when it comes to single-girl style.

The matching couple

The couple that gets dressed together stays together. These two only have eyes for one another, and rightly so: their sleek blue ensembles win them the award for best-dressed of the evening.

Man and women in matching blue suits by HUGOMan and women in matching blue suits by HUGO
Man and women in matching blue suits by HUGO Man and women in matching blue suits by HUGO
The one with the moves

This guest is the shy and retiring type until you get her on the dancefloor. The bride needs to watch out – she could steal the show with her colourful outfit, as well as with her moves.

Wedding party by HUGOWedding party by HUGO

The party planner

No-one throws a bash quite like this planner does, especially when it comes to the wedding party of the year. Some things may not go her way, but one thing's for certain - her outfit will be on point.

The beautiful people

They may not be the most sociable guests, but this pair has everything else going on: picture-perfect features, envy-inducing outfits - the list goes on.

Black suit and dress by HUGOBlack suit and dress by HUGO
Meet the male guests

HUGO's getting married. Step inside the wedding of the year and get acquainted with the unique guys who make up our guest list.