BOSS Jour eau de parfum 50ml

Style BOSS JOUR EDP VAPO 50ML - 58030751




A 50ml bottle of BOSS Jour eau de parfum. Inspired by the successful and elegantly composed HUGO BOSS woman who is always on the go, BOSS Jour the fragrance offers her a moment of indulgence to fully prepare for the day ahead. BOSS Jour is based on three key facets: the ‘light facet’, with its citrusy freshness, reminiscent of the first light of day and its positive radiance; the ‘inspiring facet’, a colourful floral bouquet that gets her in the mood for whatever the day might hold; and the ‘elegantly composed facet’, with its musky, earthy notes to mirror her inner feminine strength. Add this beautiful interplay of aromas to your daily ritual for an elevated, inspiring start.

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