Responsible Cotton

Quality, durability, versatility
Our commitment to using more sustainable cotton

Cotton makes up around half of all materials used by HUGO BOSS and thus plays an important role for the company. In order to guarantee the quality and durability of our products, we have set the highest standards for this material. By 2025, 100% of the cotton we purchase will come from more sustainable sources. In 2020, cotton made up 50% of all materials used, and 86% of our cotton came from more sustainable sources. HUGO BOSS uses certified organic cotton, and also uses more responsible cotton from mass balance systems such as Cotton made in Africa (CmiA).

  • Certified organic  cotton Certified organic  cotton
    Certified Organic Cotton

    Organic cotton does not allow the use of genetically modified seeds, and must be grown for a minimum of three years without toxic and persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilisers. Following organic farming methods, such as crop rotation and composting, promotes soil health helping to mitigate climate change by locking away atmospheric carbon in the soil.

  • Cotton made in Africa Cotton made in Africa
    Cotton made in Africa

    The Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) initiative supports smallholders from sub-Saharan countries in Africa. The mission of CmiA is to grow cotton in an environmentally-friendly way, and to improve the living conditions of African cotton farmers and their families. 


    Discover more about the CmiA initative at

  • recycled cotton recycled cotton
    Recycled Cotton

    The largest volume of recycled cotton is produced through pre-consumer waste, such as cutting scraps. We only use raw materials with a verified chain of custody to ensure the use of certifed recycled cotton. One of our initaives is using Recot²®, an innovative, eco-friendly blend of recycled and organic cotton fibres engineered in Germany. 


Recycled cotton photography ©Ralph Koch by Gebr. Otto