Packaging Sustainability

Product and transport packaging

HUGO BOSS is always looking for new ways to reduce CO2 emissions and conserve natural resources. As a matter of principle, we always take care to reduce the amount of packaging material used. For example, we eliminated any plastic filling material as well as strapping bands some time ago. Given the large variety of products ranging from cuff links to suitcases, product sizes differ significantly. Therefore, our box sizes and logistics processes are optimised based on the most common product measures to reduce shipping volume and correlating CO2 emissions. While we continually search for more sustainable packaging solutions, our top priority remains protecting our products.

Sustainable packaging materials

We are committed to using more sustainable raw materials and to develop reusable solutions. For example, we have set ourselves the target of having 100% of our plastic packaging made of recycled or other sustainable material by 2025, and 100% of our packaging paper sourced from sustainably managed forests and/or in recycled form.
HUGO BOSS ECom shipping boxes are exclusively made of FSC®-certified cardboard, consist of 85% recycled material on average, and are fully recyclable.
All of our paper packaging for bodywear and socks, all shoe boxes, hangtags and a large proportion of the tissue paper used is made of FSC-certified paper with a recycled proportion whenever possible. Delicate products such as dresses or suits are packed in reusable garment bags to protect the clothing. All BOSS garment bags and hangers are made of recycled material.
For garment covers and polybags, we are in the process of switching to more sustainable alternatives made of 50-100% recycled plastic. All film packaging used is fully recyclable.

Packaging re-use and disposal

To ensure the best possible use of our packaging, customers can contribute by re-using boxes and bags as well as by disposing any packaging materials according to the local waste disposal and recycling guidelines.