Meet the male guests

A Wild Wedding

The man of the hour

It was this groom's quiet confidence that landed him the girl. You'll find him at the bar - avoiding the bride's relatives - wearing an unconventional suit to match his couldn't-care-less attitude.

The wedding singer

This guest is a star in the making - and wants everyone to know it - as suggested by his avant-garde approach to style. His suit alone is worthy of a standing ovation; cut in an ultra-narrow silhouette and featuring an all-over logo print.

Black suit with letters pattern by HUGOBlack suit with letters pattern by HUGO
Moving foot in a HUGO suitMoving foot in a HUGO suit
The first two at the buffet

If truth be told they only came for the free food, but that doesn't mean they don't look good. She wears a flattering jumpsuit that cinches in at the waist while he's chosen a smart suit with a touch of stretch, for a modern (and comfortable) take on wedding attire.

The first one on the dancefloor

This guest makes a statement - in more ways than one. Known for his attention-grabbing moves, he’s ready to party at a moment's notice, as evidenced by his easy approach to tailoring.

The beautiful people

They may not be the most sociable guests, but this pair has everything else going on: picture-perfect features, envy-inducing outfits - the list goes on.

Black suit and dress by HUGOBlack suit and dress by HUGO
The matching couple

The couple that dresses together stays together. These two only have eyes for one another, and rightly so: their sleek blue ensembles win them the award for best-dressed.

The best men

The three guys you can always count on (to bring the party). They may have forgotten the rings but their sharp suits and coordinating accessories more than make up for it.

Suits by HUGOSuits by HUGO
The rebel

Why follow the crowd when you can make your own rules? This guest knows how to push boundaries better than anyone. Forget the dress code; this smart-casual take on wedding attire has rebel written all over it.

Meet the female guests

You've met the guys, now meet the girls. Find out more about the weird, wonderful and stylish women on our guest list.