What are RESPONSIBLE Styles and how can I identify them?

Garments produced using more sustainable raw materials are labelled RESPONSIBLE. The main fabric or material of these products must be comprised of a minimum of 60% more sustainable materials which follow the strict criteria of our RESPONSIBLE Product Policy. Wherever possible, these materials have verifiable third-party certifications. Our RESPONSIBLE products are equipped with special hangtags and can be recognised in the online store by the RESPONSIBLE tags . You can find them in the online store as “Responsible Fashion” in the clothing section or by using the filter function for men's and women's.

Which sustainable packaging materials are used at HUGO BOSS?

We are committed to using more sustainable packaging materials that are recycled and/or come from certified sources. Shipping boxes for the HUGO BOSS online store are exclusively made of FSC®-certified cardboard, consist of more than 80% recycled material on average, and are fully recyclable. All our paper packaging for shoes, bodywear and socks is also made of FSC®-certified paper. Plastic packaging, such as protection foils, suit bags or hangers, contains a large proportion of recycled material. You can find out more about our packaging targets here.

What should be considered before disposing of packaging?

To ensure the best possible use of our packaging, customers may contribute, for instance, by re-using shipment boxes. After usage, packaging components consisting of different types of materials should be separated and disposed of according to the local waste disposal and recycling guidelines.