How to match shirts with ties

With so many different types of shirts and ties, it can be hard to know where to start when trying to combine them for an elegant look. There are a few simple rules that will make sure you get it right every time.

Shirts and ties by BOSSShirts and ties by BOSS
Plain shirts

Plain shirts are the most versatile, making them the easiest to combine with a range of different ties. Try the following:

  • Tonal: A tie that exactly matches the shade of your shirt creates an modern look that still appears smart.
  • Pattern: With a plain shirt, you don't have to worry about creating a pattern clash. Just make sure the colours of the tie complement those of the shirt
  • Plain: For a minimalist look, opt for a plain tie. Select a colour that's different from both your shirt and suit.

Plain shirts combined with ties by BOSSPlain shirts combined with ties by BOSS
Striped shirts

Striped shirts provide a smart way to bring pattern into formal outfits. But some ties won't work with these shirts, particularly if they also feature stripes. Try one of these:

  • Structured: Some ties have a textured structure in their fabric. Since the scale of this pattern will be different to the stripes on the shirt, they make a good match.
  • Pattern: It is possible to wear a patterned tie with a striped shirt as long as the pattern contrasts well. For example, match wide stripes with small dots.
  • Plain: A plain tie is an effortless choice. Create contrast by choosing a colour that is different but still complementary to the stripes on the shirt.

Striped shirts combined with ties by BOSSStriped shirts combined with ties by BOSS
Checked shirts

Another favourite pattern, checks can appear more casual than stripes on business shirts. Smarten them up with one of these ties.

  • Stripes: These will work as long as the scale is different, for example a fine stripe with a large check.
  • Structure: A tie with a woven or knitted structure will provide an interesting textural contrast to the check design.
  • Plain: Opt for a solid-coloured tie to reduce the impact of the pattern on the shirt.

Checked shirts combined with ties by BOSSChecked shirts combined with ties by BOSS
Other patterns

There are a wide range of patterns to choose from for both shirts and ties. As a general rule, make sure that the designs are clearly distinct from each other. Here are just some of the ways:

  • Dots and texture: By bringing together these different elements in one look, this combination stands out for all the right reasons.
  • Pattern and colour: A solid-colour tie against a patterned shirt can help to enhance the hues in an outfit.
  • Micro check and large dots: The differing scale of the designs here ensures that the patterns don't clash.

Shirts with patterns combined with ties by BOSSShirts with patterns combined with ties by BOSS

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