How to Roll Up Your Shirt Sleeves

Relax the look of your impeccable BOSS shirt a little by rolling the sleeves in just the right way. Follow the steps below to maintain a sartorial appearance while folding back your shirt sleeves, whether for comfort or style.

Shirt with sleeves rolled up and blue tie by BOSSShirt with sleeves rolled up and blue tie by BOSS
Step 1: Unbutton the cuffs

Ensure that all of the buttons on your shirt cuffs are undone, including the one part way up the sleeve, giving you plenty of fabric to work with.

Step 2: Fold the cuff back

Pull the cuff up the arm until it is just below the elbow, leaving a portion of the reverse of your sleeve exposed.

Step 3: Fold again

Take hold of the crease that's now at the end of your sleeve and pull this up towards the elbow as well, folding it neatly over the cuff.

Step 4: Adjust

Tidy up any creases in the fabric and ensure that the cuff sits right where you want it to on the arm. If the inside of your shirt's cuff has a contrasting pattern, pull it out slightly to add a flash of contrast to the look.

Step 5: Complete the look

With both sleeves perfectly rolled up, you'll have a crisp, tailored look that's a little more at ease.

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