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New Possibilities, New Horizons

Fall/Winter 2021

New Menswear

The New Formal

The new Formal for men by BOSS The new Formal for men by BOSS
Dressing up made easy

There is something so classic and reassuring about traditional formalwear, and the jackets, shirts, and shoes that are still often worn for business. What’s true though, is that it’s 2021, and things are less stuffy than before. You can loosen that shirt collar, literally and metaphorically, to reveal a bit more of your style too. Here's how.


1. Break the suit: The 21st century suit is no longer a jacket, shirt and tie. Today, you can make it modern by substituting new alternatives for classic pieces - a smart bomber jacket can replace a suit jacket, a knitted polo can replace a shirt, and tailored drawstring trousers can be worn instead of a more formal pair. The basic components of the look should still be there, but the final effect is fresher and freer.


2. Try new forms: The suit is no longer something to be confined in. A softly constructed jacket in a lighter fabric like jersey is one alternative to your traditional wool suit, as are trousers in a more relaxed cut. A relaxed silhouette means a relaxed new attitude.


3. Try new details: These days, sportswear and tailoring are no longer two separate worlds. The functionality and performance aspect of athletic clothing can be easily integrated into the modern suit. Garments made with new technology, or elevated sneakers instead of traditional smart shoes, result in a comfortable outfit suitable for business meetings, and every other part of your day. 


4. Stay subtle: Choose a detail to play with, perhaps a knit in a different colour, but remember less is more here. Stay with a shade in the same family, for instance, leaving the loud prints and clashing colours for another day.

Clash of Codes

Clash of Codes for men by BOSS Clash of Codes for men by BOSS
Mix things up

Feeling brave? There are so many dress codes out there, so clash them to clever effect to create something that expresses your own individual style. Sometimes, there’s a thrill to be had in putting the ‘wrong’ things together, and it can feel so right. They say fortune favours the bold, after all.


1. Get it “wrong”: It sounds counterintuitive, but be prepared to clash two items, something more casual and something more formal. It’s the conflict that creates the energy.


2. Keep a base: It helps you ground the clash in something realistic. A navy, grey or a winter neutral means that the look has consistency. You can then add a detail of colour according to your own taste. Choose one colour world if you can, again so that the look is cohesive - it's best to stay with either warm and cool colours for example.


3. Quality is key: If you are mixing styles, it’s best to keep the clothing all at the same level. Pairing a jacket with cycling shorts might be a step too far, for instance. Instead, go for a well-made sweatshirt and beautifully knitted hoodies, if you’re going to pair them with a blazer or jacket.


4. Stay relaxed: Loose fits and softly constructed clothes keep an element of informality and playfulness. You need room to breathe, in every sense.

Sport Casual

Sports styles for men by BOSS Sports styles for men by BOSS
An active approach to dressing

Once upon a time, sportswear was only worn for sports – now it’s a style statement for meeting colleagues and loved ones, or heading to the gym and to the shops. Even here though, you have the option to make it your own with just a few simple tricks.


1. Tracksuit is king: The 21st century has turned this sportswear item into a credible fashion must-have. The right cut and colour makes it suitable for the weekend or even an evening event, if the invite allows it.


2. Coordinate: Even if you don’t choose a tracksuit, keeping your look all in one shade is an easy way of projecting a personal, cohesive style, rather than exercise gear put on at random. You can always play within a certain palette to create interest, varying your greys or blue, but remember that the consistency suggests a bit of purpose.


3. Be practical: Every item here should have a useful side as well as an aesthetic one. Sports performance materials are all you need. Be realistic - who goes hiking in wool trousers?


4. Get geeky: This is a look where you can enjoy all the technical sides of clothing - the rainproof or windproof materials, the handy pockets, the design of a backpack or a sneaker’s heel. Choose the ones that give you joy.

Complete your Look

Fall/Winter 2021

New Womenswear

Neutral colored styles for women by BOSS Neutral colored styles for women by BOSS
Neutral tones

As we look onto new fashion horizons, we are celebrating versatile dressing with the endless pairing opportunities of neutral shades. This season, modern camel colours, understated greys and off-white are ready and waiting to be mixed and matched. 

Yellow looks for women by BOSS Yellow looks for women by BOSS
Light up the season

Refresh your look for the season with soft yellow shades. This latest hue brings new energy to tracksuit bottoms and textured knits, which together perfectly achieve easygoing style.

Complete your Look