What to wear
on a first date

If the key to presenting your best self is feeling self-assured, then looking confident, relaxed and comfortable will play a big part in your success on a first date – or any to follow for that matter. The initial meeting though is where you will make that all-important first impression, so wearing something that works for you and that’s right for the event really counts. Whether you’re going for a casual day out or aiming to impress over dinner, let us take you through some BOSS men’s and women’s date outfits to suit every setting.

Coffee date

Easygoing yet elevated

For a coffee date, while the venue may be informal, you'll still want to show that you’ve put some thought into your outfit. This calls for a dressed-down look that is elevated at the same time. The secret? Go for well-cut pieces and rich fabrics to keep even the most casual outfit looking perfectly put together.

Dinner date

Formal and refined

Once you have secured some great company and chosen the best restaurant in town, ensure the scene is completely set with a dinner date outfit to match. For men, clean-cut tailoring will ensure you're ready for formal dining. Meanwhile, women can opt for sleek seperates or an elegant dress. 

Lunch date

Adaptable layers

When meeting for lunch, you have the day ahead of you, and as the conversation turns to shared interests you could find yourself spending the afternoon anywhere from a gallery to a concert. Be ready for any event in a clean-cut yet versatile ensemble that will fit effortlessly with new surroundings. Adapt to your location by mixing formal with informal pieces, and remember, layering is also your friend. A tailored jacket with a sweater can be made casual by removing the top layer, for instance.


Walk in the park

Stepping out in style

To complete a date-ready look for time spent outside, again, adaptable layers will stand you in good stead. Rather than something you take off upon arrival, your coat is the key to this look, and if chosen correctly, will take versatility up a level. BOSS collections are designed in complementary colours, opening up host of possibilities when mixing and matching pieces. Opting for relaxed-fit outerwear will make layering even more effortless.

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