BOSS Jour eau de parfum 30ml

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Eau de Parfum
Volume: 30 ml

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A 30ml bottle of BOSS Jour eau de parfum. Inspired by the successful and elegantly composed HUGO BOSS woman, BOSS Jour allows her a moment of indulgence every morning to fully prepare for the day ahead. BOSS Jour has three key facets: the ‘light facet’, with its citrusy freshness, reminiscent of the first light of day and its positive radiance; the ‘inspiring facet’, a colourful floral bouquet that perfectly matches the many aspects of her day; and the ‘elegantly composed facet’, with its musky, earthy notes to mirror her inner feminine strength. Add this wonderful interplay of aromas to your daily ritual for a luxurious, inspiring start.


Eau de Parfum
Volume: 30 ml