New Private Accord

BOSS The Scent For Him

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New BOSS The Scent Private Accord

A new face, a new scent, new ingredients. Building on the previous fragrance, BOSS The Scent Private Accord introduces a new dimension courtesy of additional elements to seduce the senses: sophisticated mocha and magnetic cocoa absolute.

BOSS The Scent Ingredients

  • Cocoa Absolute

    Deep and mysterious, the base of cocoa absolute intrigues with its lingering and addictive scent

  • Maninka and mocha

    Known for its aphrodisiac properties, the heart of maninka fruit is fused with mocha for a new sophisticated allure

  • Ginger

    Spicy ginger makes an intruiging top note and, thanks to its stimulating powers, guarantees a captivating and confident first impression

Focus on Jamie Dornan

Jamie Dornan is an accomplished actor, whose innate charisma is transmitted through the camera's lens. Talking about our film in which he takes the lead, he says: "It explores the importance of the one thing that cannot be transposed – The Scent. I find it interesting that seduction can take on many forms, especially now in this digital age."