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"It's difficult for me to even say the words "I've made it," explains Hollywood actor James Marsden. But with a career spanning 23 years and numerous hit films under his belt, it's hard to reach any other conclusion. He has accomplished things in his career that most actors dream of, but the journey for him hasn’t ended.

"There are always new creative challenges, there’s always some way to be better, there’s always something to learn about yourself." This constant drive got him to where he is today and is why he stars in our Own Your Journey campaign, as we follow global travellers who have defined their paths through ambition and talent.

At the start of his journey, moving from his home town of Stillwater, Oklahoma, to Los Angeles to pursue acting, he showed the same determination. "I thought the worst that could happen is that it didn't happen, and I would move back. But in my mind, that was never an option. I would will this to happen."

James Marsden wearing a BOSS suitJames Marsden in Reymond/Wenton Suit
James Marsden is wearing a dark red BOSS suit James Marsden in Reymond/Wenton Suit


James Marsden by BOSS James Marsden by BOSS

James Marsden begins his newest journey in BOSS Menswear

James Marsden by BOSS James Marsden by BOSS

James Marsden wears new BOSS Stretch Tailoring, crafted from innovative fabric for ease of movement when on the go


Dressed in a water-resistant windbreaker from the latest collection, James Marsden is ready for wherever his journey will take him.

As an actor, James is always in different cities and countries, as constant travel is now intrinsic to modern lifestyles. BOSS Menswear looks to these shifts, designing with the global traveller as the focus – the person who needs to transition seamlessly, ready for every eventuality.

From lightweight water-resistant outerwear to the Travel Line, the new collection will have you ready in both function and form. Global travel is not just adapting to new surroundings, but also different situations. Looking and feeling your best from the inside out is paramount for the next part or path you will take on your journey.

James Marsden wearing a BOSS suit James Marsden in Novan/Ben suit
James Marsden is wearing red BOSS outerwearJames Marsden is wearing red BOSS outerwear
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"Never lose your sense of curiosity. Avoid the comfort zone and see what the world has to offer."

James Marsden

US Actor

James Marsden is wearing a dark red BOSS suitJames Marsden is wearing a dark red BOSS suit