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Passion to Create

"From an early age, I had a fascination with structure, form and color. I come from a creative family, and building and making were a huge part of my childhood. My dad used to keep us entertained in his workshop at the bottom of the garden: he’s something of an inventor, and was always creating both woodwork and mechanical solutions to everyday problems around the house and beyond. I’m thankful that he passed on this vast knowledge of invention, as discovering the possibilities of clay was simply an extension of my early experimental days.

"My journey started five years ago, when a fellow creative invited me to a ceramic studio, and I was sold on the spot. I had studied fine art textiles at university, admiring artists such as Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. Using ideas sparked from their inspirational work, mixed with my own experimental processes, I eventually began to create pieces that I am now not only fond of, but also proud to exhibit to others."

"Travel continues to be one of my most important sources of new ideas"

Ryan Barrett


Ryan Barrett quote for BOSS VoicesRyan Barrett quote for BOSS Voices

"Soon after moving to London to study, I was scouted by several modelling agencies. As an 18 year old, meeting incredible talent such as Mert and Marcus on shoots, and being sent to great locations for modelling jobs, opened a whole new world of inspiration.

"Travel, for both work and pleasure, continues to be one of my most important sources of new ideas. I am inspired by so many different cultures across the globe: everything from architecture to natural, organic forms have sparked a desire in me to create new things. Japan has always been one of my favourite places to visit. I admire the cultural discipline, and also had the chance to observe the ancient Japanese technique of Raku firing. The culture has never failed to provide me with new ideas and excitement to create."

Inside Ryan's studio

"For a long time, working with ceramics was purely a personal passion. It wasn't until I started receiving interest in some of my pieces and enquiries about commissioned work, that I started to think that I could turn my hobby into a career (along with the fact that space in my studio was becoming limited!). It is incredibly gratifying to see others enjoying the ceramics I create as much as I do. From the beginning this experience has come with its ups and downs, but that’s partly why it’s been such a motivating journey. From every piece that shattered in the kiln, there was a small lesson learnt and a problem to overcome. I am a big believer in learning through mistakes, and some of my most interesting forms have come unexpectedly.

"Looking back on my journey, I realise how lucky I am to have been taught the fundamentals of construction, problem solving and creation. Ever since my childhood, I have been surrounded by influential people who planted the seed of creativity in me. This, coupled with being able to travel with my modelling career, helped me to forge my path in ceramics. Without all of these things, I don’t think I would be where I am today."

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