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When you buy a BOSS shirt, you can count on benefitting from our many decades of tailoring experience. Whether for the smartest evening occasions, a day at the office or something more relaxed, each BOSS shirt is designed by our specialist teams and crafted with care from fine fabrics - many exclusive to BOSS Menswear. We carefully calibrate each step of production, from concept and design to sewing the final buttons in place, to ensure the ideal fit, exceptional comfort and a refined look.

It takes 180 metres of thread to stitch together each BOSS shirt - the length of two football pitches

Shirt with buttons and thread on a table by BOSS Shirt with buttons and thread on a table by BOSS


Kent collar by BOSS Kent collar by BOSS
Kent collar

A Kent collar is a versatile option that will suit all ties and occasions. Its points are evenly spaced, providing room for most tie knots. The well-balanced proportions will complement most tailoring, too.

Spread collar by BOSS Spread collar by BOSS
Spread collar

The points of a spread collar are further apart than any other type of collar. This creates a wide space to fill with a wide tie or a more substantial tie knot, such as the half-Windsor. This collar type will also work well with the wider lapels of a double-breasted suit.

Button-down collar by BOSS Button-down collar by BOSS
Button-down collar

Button-down collars create a modern, preppy look on casual shirts. The also appear on formal designs, and look neat with a tie and blazer.

Point collar by BOSS Point collar by BOSS
Point collar

Sharply pointed and with a narrower gap, the point collar is clean and precise, a perfect match for a slim tie and modern tailoring.

Stand collar by BOSS Stand collar by BOSS
Stand collar

A stand collar, also known as a grandad collar, consists of a simple band of fabric around the neck, with no part folded over. This creates a minimalist look, and works well for casual occasions or with tailoring at a wedding or party.

Wing collar by BOSS Wing collar by BOSS
Wing collar

A wing collar is designed to be worn with a bow tie at black-tie events, and should not normally be worn with any other type of neckwear. It leaves the band of the bow tie exposed at the back of the neck, with 'wings' to frame it at the front.


Light blue shirt with navy tie and beige chinos by BOSS Light blue shirt with navy tie and beige chinos by BOSS
White casual shirt and blue jeans by BOSS White casual shirt and blue jeans by BOSS
How do I style my shirt?

So you've bought your BOSS shirt - now how do you style it? Whether you are wondering if you can pair a check shirt with a striped tie - or how to roll up your shirt sleeves without looking dishevelled - our BOSS guides will show you how to wear your new purchase with confidence and style. Follow the links below to find out more.

BOSS craftmanship

BOSS sources cotton from some of the best producers in the world, working with both Egyptian and US cotton growers to create impeccable fabrics. These are then cut and tailored to create our signature extra-slim, slim and regular fits, in a process involving more than 50 pieces for a BOSS dress shirt. Final testing ensures that only the highest quality shirts bear the BOSS label.

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