Ultimate comfort

Moving tailoring forwards

Cab, plane, meeting, back again: a working day demands more than ever, and businesswear needs to move with you. This is where BOSS Stretch Tailoring comes in. Flexing with the body, the designs offer unparalleled ease of movement, which boxer Anthony Joshua puts to the test.

Anthony Joshua
"I´d get my trainers tailored if I could"

Anthony Joshua is a BOSS man through and through. The unified heavyweight world champion boxer, face of BOSS Stretch Tailoring, talks exclusively to Louis Wise about his love of tailoring, his past fashion mistakes, his go-to look for a night out and why he plans his outfits months in advance.

Anthony Joshua is a wearing stretch tailoring suit by BOSSAnthony Joshua is a wearing stretch tailoring suit by BOSS
How the suit works and what it can do. All is explained:
  • Double performance by BOSSDouble performance by BOSS
    Double Performance

    Stretching from the inside out, each suit employs two flexible layers - a stretch outer fabric and lining that work together

  • Maximum Comfort by BOSSMaximum Comfort by BOSS
    Maximum comfort

    The design offers comfort normally associated with a jersey suit, along with a sharp BOSS cut

  • Enhanced flexibility by BOSSEnhanced flexibility by BOSS
    Enhanced flexibility

    The flexible layers move with you, however you need them to

  • All set for travelling by BOSSAll set for travelling by BOSS
    All set for travelling

    The sartorial look of a BOSS suit with extra comfort for when you're on the go and need to look your best

  • Perfect for slimmer fits by BOSSPerfect for slimmer fits by BOSS
    Perfect for slimmer fits

    The added give in the fabric reduces the restrictive qualities of a narrow-cut silhouette, making it effortless to wear

Tailoring in motion

Catch a glimpse of how this suit can perform. Anthony Joshua brings his sporting world to BOSS Stretch Tailoring for our new film, which puts precision, ambition and style in the spotlight.