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Anthony Joshua for BOSSAnthony Joshua for BOSS
Anthony Joshua
"I'd get my trainers tailored if I could"

Anthony Joshua is a BOSS man through and through. The unified heavyweight world champion boxer, face of BOSS Stretch Tailoring, talks exclusively to Louis Wise about his love of tailoring, his past fashion mistakes, his go-to look for a night out and why he plans his outfits months in advance.

Look out for more exclusive content with Anthony in the new BOSS magazine, Edition, out in March 2019 in print and online.

Anthony Joshua for BOSSAnthony Joshua for BOSS
  • What does HUGO BOSS mean to you?
    The name alone stands for what I represent. I like ‘BOSS’. I like the Rocky films - that’s when I learned about BOSS. Respect to the Klitschko brothers for bringing BOSS into the boxing arena. BOSS have supplied clothes that fit me for a long time. I’ve always been purchasing BOSS, and now I’m working with them as well, it feels like a natural journey.
  • Have you always enjoyed clothing and style?
    I just like things that are tailored well. I think tailoring is important. And I think simplicity is genius, with a touch of sparkle, or something - just a touch. I like the guys who create their own style, but for me, for what I’m wearing now [a white t-shirt, navy blue BOSS Menswear suit and white trainers] makes me feel ten out of ten. For some people it might be too plain, but in this I feel comfortable in any environment - whether it’s sports, family or business.
  • What does this ‘sparkle’ entail?
    Just being open-minded. Not saying, "ah, I’m not interested in that shirt, or those trainers," or not trying something new. When you wear something and you own it, you will feel good, and you can give that out to the world. I think that’s the key.
  • Have you changed how you dress compared to ten years ago?

    100%! It was velour tracksuits and Wembley market jeans back then. I didn’t know about tailoring. I get everything tailored now. I’d get my trainers tailored if I could. The tailor keeps me looking good, and I keep the tailor in business! It’s a good relationship.

  • How do you get ready for a big event?

    Because I’m big, I could never order clothes from off the peg - I had to get them tailored to perfection. So through that, I started learning the importance of planning ahead. I couldn’t be like my friends - if we had an event on Saturday, they could go shopping that afternoon. I need to know what I’m wearing two months in advance! So through style, dressing, and so on and so forth, I learned the importance of pre-planning in every area of my life. It means that when it comes to the event, I can be the best version of me - I haven’t been stressing about it.

  • What’s your biggest fashion mistake?

    You know what the mad thing is? I probably haven’t realised it myself, because I thought I looked good! Recently though, I was going out. I was going to wear this top, and I had a big chain on like I was a rapper or something. And my friend said: "What are you doing? You’re a grown man! It looks like you’re going to the beach club!’" So I went back upstairs and put on my suit and T-shirt, a casual look. If it wasn’t for him, I’d have looked as though I was going to a fancy dress party.


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