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Patrick Cantlay

Patrick Cantlay Patrick Cantlay
Tell us about your golf career and success – when did you start golfing? Why did you start golfing? When did you realize that you were really good and could go pro? How did you get so good? – natural talent, hard work, intense training, etc.?

I was fortunate to grow up in a golfing family with my grandfather and father being great players. I started golfing around the age of 5, I was always around the game and spent plenty of time at the golf course as a young kid. As I began to take the game more seriously I was able to begin working with my coach, Jamie Mulligan, at Virginia Country Club in Long Beach, California. Throughout my junior and amateur career, I was able to continuously improve and move up the rankings. After two years of playing at UCLA and having played and had some success at PGA Tour events and majors as an amateur I felt I was ready for the next step. 

What is your greatest strength – personal and then golf/professional?

My greatest strength personally is being able to work hard and persevere. In life everyone is faced with different challenges and I feel that I am able to learn from these situations and grow. Professionally, my greatest strength is focus. Golf tournaments are a marathon, not a sprint, so being able to focus on each shot and stay in the moment has been crucial to my success. 

What is your favorite course? golf hole?

Augusta National Golf Club is right at the top. The way the golf course plays for a tournament creates so much excitement every year.

Do you have any pre-tournament rituals, quirks, good luck charms, etc.?

I don’t have many pre-tournament rituals or quirks; I like to prepare the same each week and provide myself the best opportunity to play as well as I can. One thing I have kept constant my entire career is using a quarter to mark my ball on the greens. 

How do spend your free time?

I enjoy spending my free time reading or watching television/movies. With the amount of travel we do throughout the year it is important for me to really decompress during the off weeks and make sure my body and mind are in a great place to play in my next event. I have a great group of friends I enjoy hanging out with at home as well.

Tell us about how you prepare for a major tournament/golf season? Where do you train? How do you train?

I try to prepare for every event I play in the same way. Obviously there is added focus to the majors but my preparation does not sway. I train at both the golf course and in the gym. A typical day leading up to a major tournament consists of 2-3 hours of practice at the course, 1 hour of physio work on my body, and 1-2 hours of gym work with my trainer. 

What is your “recipe” for success?

I wouldn’t say I have a “recipe” per say for success, but I definitely believe in working hard and developing a plan you can follow regularly. Since turning pro, I have learned that having a plan is very important to continued growth and I have been able to work with my team to develop this very specifically, so I always feel like I am working to give myself the best chance at success. 

What is your style on the course?

My style on the course is typically traditional. Since my partnership with BOSS, I have been able to venture into new style categories which I have truly enjoyed. The team at BOSS gives me great insight into their design and I am able to give feedback and continue trying new materials, styles and colors on the course.

What is your style off the course?

Off the course I am usually pretty laid back in my style. I will usually wear jeans and a t-shirt to lunch or dinner. The great thing about partnering with BOSS is the ability to integrate the brand into my off-course lifestyle wear. The products in this category are second to none and have been great for me.

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