Piñatex® shoes from BOSS

Innovation meets responsible design

Sneakers by BOSS and Piñatex®

Pineapple leaves become footwear

BOSS Menswear introduces new sneakers that take bold steps forward for responsible design. The limited-edition styles are crafted from Piñatex®, an innovative leather-alternative created from pineapple leaf fibers. The result: footwear that makes a minimal imprint on the planet and offers a sleek BOSS look.

Naturally bold

Attention to detail

Each and every part of the sneakers has been designed with innovation and sustainability in mind. The vegan shoes are available in a range of naturally-dyed colors, feature lightweight recycled TPU soles and fasten with organic cotton laces.



A closer look

Catch a glimpse of the sneaker's craftsmanship, from harvest to finished product. A byproduct of existing agriculture, the pineapple leaves used to create this unique textile require no extra resources to grow and provide farming communities with an additional income.

Eco-Friendly Collection

Eco-Friendly Collection