Fall/Winter 2018

Willkommen in Berlin

Back to our roots
The campaign

The vibrant spirit of Berlin is at the heart of the HUGO Fall/Winter 2018 campaign. Shot by Collier Schorr, who herself has an intimate relationship with the city, the campaign follows a group of young creatives as they discover Germany’s capital. Emphasising a mindset as much as a collection, Fall/Winter 2018 takes HUGO back to its roots and pays homage to our heritage as a German fashion house.

Photographer: Collier Schorr

Stylist: Vanessa Reid

Alexanderplatz in BerlinBerlin street signs to Alexanderplatz
Berlin street sign to AlexanderplatzAlexanderplatz in Berlin
Talents by HUGOTalents by HUGO
Anwar Hadid, Selena Forrest and more
The cast

Wearing designs from the Fall/Winter 2018 collection, HUGO's group of spirited individuals take to the gritty streets of Berlin, each discovering one of the city’s unique neighbourhoods.

Watch the interviews

  • Berlin skylineBerlin skyline
    Experience Berlin through our eyes

    On the set of our latest campaign, we sat down with our all-star cast to talk about their experiences of Berlin. Discover the six-part series featuring Jonas Glöer, Selena Forrest, Anwar Hadid, Natalie Westling, Silvio, and Saskia de Brauw.

  • Gleisdreieck

    Introducing HUGO creative Silvio – Berlin-based electronic DJ and music producer. Follow him as he spends time in Gleisdreieck, wearing cold-weather designs from HUGO Menswear Fall/Winter 2018.

  • Kreuzberg

    Originally from the Netherlands, Saskia de Brauw is a photographer, performance artist and model. Having travelled all over the world with her job, she returns to Berlin to shoot for HUGO in gritty and trendy Kreuzberg.

  • Lichtenberg
    Anwar Hadid

    If you haven't heard his name yet, you soon will. Anwar Hadid is making a name for himself as an all-round creative, but he says: "I don't like to define myself. I'm not good at doing that, 'cause it puts you in a box." Follow Anwar as he explores the industrial borough of Lichtenberg for our new campaign.

  • Mehringplatz
    Natalie Westling

    She's a model and activist, who's making waves at just 18 years old. Far away from her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona, American Natalie Westling explores the concrete architecture of Mehringplatz in our Fall/Winter 2018 campaign.

  • Neukölln
    Jonas Glöer

    For some of the cast, the campaign shoot was their first time in Berlin. But for German model Jonas Glöer, it was like coming home. "I think you feel very free here to do whatever you want," says Jonas as he stars in the first of our Berlin series, exploring the neighbourhood of Neukölln.

  • Mitte
    Selena Forrest

    Model Selena Forrest is known as much for her personality as her talent in front of the camera. In the past two years, she has shot to stardom - landing covers of British Vogue, Dazed and ID magazine. Joining the cast of our campaign, she explores Berlin Mitte in unique designs from Fall/Winter 2018.