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Naturally responsible leather

As part of our commitment to continuously look for more responsible ways to produce and finish our garments, HUGO BOSS is proud to be the first global fashion brand to sell various items made from Olivenleder®. This quality leather is tanned using leaves from olive trees, making it safe, reliable and biodegradable, having a lower environmental impact from production onwards. Now, HUGO BOSS introduces a range of styles in this innovative material.

Sourced from nature

Picture of olive leaves for BOSS Olivenleder Picture of olive leaves for BOSS Olivenleder
Olive trees for BOSS Olivenleder Olive trees for BOSS Olivenleder
High quality, lower impact

After the annual olive harvest in the Mediterranean, the trees' leaves are often burnt, releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. The wet-green® method provides an alternative to this harmful practice by using this by-product to create an environmental friendly leather-tanning agent. This in turn is used to produce Olivenleder® according to strict ecological standards while offering the soft feel of classic leather without compromising quality.

Why Olivenleder®?

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Avoid the use of chemicals in the tanning process

The innovative wet-green® tanning process is completely free of harmful substances, making it safer for the environment and workers

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Reduce waste

Olive leaves are a by-product of the olive industry, and are normally considered waste. Olivenleder® reuses this resource and provides additional income for farmers.

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Fewer resources across the production process

Dying leather that is tanned this way requires fewer chemicals, further reducing the environmental impact of production

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