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Women’s loungewear

The ultimate chill clothes that exude cosiness and relaxation, loungewear is simply divine. From soft pyjamas to cosy tracksuits, women’s loungewear at HUGO BOSS is perfect for snuggling up in bed or sprawling out on the sofa. Choose from muted shades like black, grey, and blue or go all-out with bright colours and striking patterns. Add a bathrobe to complete your cosy outfit and experience the incredible luxury of all-out comfort.


Once strictly confined to the home, loungewear for women is finally fashionable in the UK! Now, women’s lounge shorts and other assorted ladies’ loungewear can be worn for a variety of activities like taking a stroll or doing your weekend shopping. Women’s loungewear can also be combined with other clothes to create modern outfits that are both comfortable and stylish.


Chill with HUGO BOSS: the best loungewear for women

Expertly fashioned from cotton, jersey, and other soft materials, high-quality luxury women’s loungewear from HUGO BOSS maximises comfort without compromising on style. Combine tight leggings or joggers with matching loose sweatshirts for a casual yet coordinated two-piece look or try a warm fleece for that extra bit of cosiness. If the cold weather has finally gone, swap out your trousers for ladies’ lounge shorts or a loungewear dress to remain comfortable without overheating.


Looking to go that extra distance to achieve supreme comfort? HUGO BOSS also offers women’s loungewear in three-piece sets, as found with the ladies’ loungewear pjs and joggers. With a vast array of loungewear and nightwear to choose from – like joggers, tracksuits, and t-shirts – you’re guaranteed to find something that suits your personal style.


Nightwear for winding down

Pyjamas aren’t as widely used as they once were, but we’re determined to change that. The HUGO collection promises contemporary designs, bold colours, and gorgeous styles that provide the perfect companion for sleeping and relaxing. Treat yourself with our luxurious women’s pyjamas that are equal parts elegant and comfortable.

Cold British nights make pyjamas the ideal loungewear for women. Long-sleeved tops and pants combinations offer the most warmth, while tight-fitting lounge shorts and short-sleeved tops are perfect for mild summer nights.

Level up your loungewear outfit

HUGO BOSS luxury loungewear women’s sets form the ideal foundation for a quick and easy outfit for a night out. Since they radiate elegance as well as comfort, they make brilliant partners to the smart and sexy clothes you usually head out in. Combine some chic joggers with a matching shirt and hoodie, cool trainers, designer sunglasses and a long coat for a wonderfully versatile look.


If you work from home, a comfy yet smart outfit is a necessity. Start your day feeling relaxed and stylish with a black women’s loungewear suit made from cotton and combine this with thick fluffy socks and casual slides for maximum comfort. After work, you’re already wearing all you need for a nice relaxing flop on the sofa. And if you want to head out and meet friends, simply swap your slides for flats, throw on a bomber jacket, and you’re ready to go!