Discover our collection of Golf clothing for men. Discover our collection of Golf clothing for men.


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BOSS Golf wear for men

Golf is where skill meets style. A golfer needs to look and feel their best to perform their best. Choosing the right clothing is just as important as selecting the right club. From the fairway to the clubhouse, the BOSS collection of men's golf clothes offers unmatched style and performance, ensuring you excel on and off the course.


Elevate your golf attire with our range of styles crafted for both fashion and performance. The slim-fit and regular-fit golf polo shirts exude sophistication, guaranteeing a standout appearance on the green. Choose from our tapered-fit chinos or comfortable organic cotton shorts for a modern and comfortable silhouette that maintains a professional look.

Complete your golf outfit

Perfect your golf look with BOSS golf wear for men. Polo shirts, available in a variety of colors and designs, allow players to showcase personal style while exuding sophistication. Shield yourself from the sun with stylish and functional caps. Choose from a selection of chinos, shorts, and tailored trousers for comfortable and flexible bottoms that enable a full range of motion.


Unpredictable weather will never be a problem for the experienced golfer: layer up with a half-zip pullover and gilets to ensure lightweight warmth and protection against elements. Add moisture-wicking socks for a comfortable, blister-free golfing experience as a final touch to enhance your experience.


Step onto the green with confidence and style with the BOSS collection of golf wear for men.