Denim jeans fit guide for women Denim jeans fit guide for women

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A perfectly fitting pair of jeans is like a second skin: they adapt to your movements effortlessly and make you feel completely comfortable. What’s more, jeans are incredibly versatile and can be combined with a wide variety of garments. Pair them with basic pieces like knitwear, t-shirts and trainers for a casual look, or go for a tailored jacket and pumps for an elegant business style. Whatever the occasion, a trendy pair of jeans can go with any outfit.


What is the meaning of slim and skinny fit? What are the best jeans for women with an hourglass or pear-shaped figure? Find the best pair of jeans for your shape and style preference in this handy women’s jeans fit guide from Hugo Boss.



To find the perfect jeans that are neither too big nor too small and which flatter your figure perfectly, you should familiarize yourself with the different cuts and styles available. Here is an overview of the most common types of jeans fits for women:



A classic among jeans, regular fit is the tried-and-true variant. A very comfortable fit, the straight cut outlines your silhouette but does not look overly figure-hugging. Regular-fit jeans are a great choice if you prefer a timeless, casual style.



Comfort-fit or relaxed-fit styles usually have a straight or slightly wedge-shaped leg. They are also cut particularly wide at the hips and thighs, which makes them a comfortable choice. With their casual appearance, relaxed-fit jeans are perfect for a cool street style.


If you’re looking for tight-fitting jeans that emphasise your silhouette, then figure-hugging slim-fit jeans are for you. The style of these jeans is characterised by a straight leg, which leaves some room in the calf area. Slim-fit jeans often contain a certain amount of spandex so you can move comfortably in them.



This jean fit variant is characterised by a particularly body-hugging cut, especially in the leg area. Thanks to their high stretch content, skinny jeans cling to your body like a second skin and offer a high level of comfort and flexibility.



In addition to style, comfort also plays an important role when it comes to choosing the right pair of jeans. To optimally showcase your assets and feel completely comfortable in what you’re wearing, you can consider the shape of your body to find jeans that are more likely to fit correctly:


The apple figure
This figure comprises narrow hips, slim lower legs and a slightly wider waist. It is a body shape most suited to high-waist jeans or skinny jeans.


The pear figure
This figure comprises slightly wider hips and stronger thighs. Dark bootcut jeans with a slight flare are the best fit for women with this body type.


The hourglass figure

Skinny jeans with a solid fabric and a dark colour are great for emphasising the feminine curves of women with this body type.


The androgynous figure
Loose boyfriend jeans or high-waist styles are particularly suited to women with an athletic-muscular figure and a small waist.


If your body shape emphasises your thighs and buttocks, we recommend jean fits with loose cuts, such as "boyfriend", "mom" or "bootcut" jeans, as well as straight-cut models. Large back pockets can also serve to make your butt look narrower. If you want to conceal your curves, darker jean colours are suitable because they create a slimmer silhouette. Washes that are slightly lighter in the middle also have a similar effect.

Good to know: There are special short sizes for particularly small women. So-called "cropped jeans" with a shortened hem are also well-suited. Tall women, on the other hand, should consider ankle-length jeans, which look great when combined with formal shoes.

Denim jeans fit guide for women Denim jeans fit guide for women


Jeans remain an absolute perennial favourite in terms of fashion and are considered one of the most popular types of pants for women. Some of the latest jeans trends include the popular wide-leg jeans model with a tight, high-fitting waistband. These so-called "wide-leg jeans" create a unique silhouette with a retro look. Other new women’s jeans trends are baggy jeans and cargo pants, making a comeback after their first big appearance back in the 1990s.

Skinny jeans are also still very popular. In terms of colour, you'll be on trend in the spring and summer months with light washes such as baby blue, white or cream, while in the fall and winter months darker shades are a smart choice.




The first pairs of jeans had a deep, dark-blue hue – the so-called "indigo". This is because the robust cotton fabric - better known as "denim" - from which jeans are made has this colour. Different denim colours can be created by washing or dyeing the yarn. Depending on the latest trending jeans for women, different washed and dyed jean effects can grow in popularity. Some of the most common include:

Acid wash
Originally popular in the 1980s – here the denim is washed with acid or bleach, which creates a special speckled effect.

Here a lighter shade of blue is achieved by means of a bleaching agent. Often only certain patches are bleached, for example the area around the knees or thighs. The opposite of this is "raw denim", where the jeans remain in their original deep blue state.

Jeans are washed in a particularly natural way that is gentle on the material with a cold rinse that doesn’t contain bleach or other chemicals. Only minimal lightening of the denim takes place.

Stone wash
This wash is considered the most popular. Here the jeans are washed with stones, which creates a cool used look. One positive side effect of this method is that the denim becomes softer and more comfortable.


Styling tip: A matching belt gives your jeans the finishing touche. Brown belts go well with light jeans colours, while blue or black belts go well with darker jeans. To match your outfit, you can choose a buckle in a clean look or opt for a real eye-catcher

In addition to the these washing processes, there are many other methods with which denim is treated to achieve the desired colouring and texture. Meanwhile, almost any denim colour can be implemented - even beige or pastel pink are within the realm of possibility.



Good to know: Don’t have time to wash your jeans? A night on the balcony or a few hours in the freezer is enough to combat any unpleasant odours.

Already found a perfectly fitting pair of jeans? Then you should know the best way to take care of them. This includes machine washing at a maximum of 30 degrees and with a maximum of 1,000 revolutions. The cold wool wash cycle is particularly recommended - this is gentle on the fabric and prevents shrinkage. It’s also best to avoid fabric softener when washing your jeans.