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What to wear
with a blazer

The blazer is a timeless classic in women's fashion. The garment offers a vast array of possible style combinations for any occasion, making it just as versatile as the person wearing it. Whether it's single or double-breasted, long or short, relaxed or oversized, crafted from practical stretch fabric, crease-resistant Japanese crepe, or Italian virgin wool - find a blazer that suits your individual style to transform any outfit into an elegant and confident statement.


Read on to discover how to style a blazer, what to wear it with and how to determine the right fit for you.


The exact origin of the blazer is unclear. What is certain, however, is that it initially began as a double-breasted jacket. It boasted brass buttons on the sleeves and was crafted from a lightweight black or navy-blue flannel material. Curiously, the first blazers were worn by the British navy in the 19th century, as well as by British cricket and boating teams during that era.


The term “blazer” eventually appeared for the first time in 1952 and was used to describe the bright red sports jackets of the Cambridge student rowing club “The Lady Margaret Boat Club”. The name came from the verb “to blaze”, an appropriate derivative considering the dazzling red of the rowers’ jackets.


Although still considered to fall somewhere between a formal suit jacket and a casual sports jacket - today blazers are very often combined with casual outfits for a more relaxed style that fits both formal and informal occasions.

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To really make an impression, you should wear a blazer that makes you feel both comfortable and confident. Finding the perfect fit is essential. Check if your new blazer fits correctly by examining the cut and the length.


Check the cut of your blazer:

  • The blazer should fit your shoulders comfortably and with little or no tightness. The seam on the sleeves should line up with your arm and not end in the middle of your shoulders or jut out past your shoulders.
  • It should be easy to swing your arms loosely back and forth.
  • Fasten all the buttons together and make sure there is no tension, rigidness or creasing in the fit.


Check the length of your blazer:

  • Let your arms hang loosely by your hips.
  • Your fingertips should be in line with the end of the blazer.
  • The distance between the seam on the sleeves and the seam on the hips should be about a hand’s length.



You might get the feeling that your blazer just isn’t sitting right on your body. Here are a few indications that your blazer measurements might be off:


If your blazer is too small:

  • The blazer stretches, wrinkles or forms lumps in some places when the buttons are all fastened.
  • The blazer tightens in your shoulder area if you raise your arms outwards as if doing squats.


If your blazer is too big:

  • The shoulder area extends too far out over the arms.
  • The collar and lapels stick out.
  • There is more than a hand’s width of space between the inside of the blazer and your chest area.


Top tip: Use the “Fit Finder” from Hugo Boss before you order your blazer to help you choose the right size. You can find it by clicking the “What’s My Size?” option in the top-left corner when viewing women’s blazers.

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Blazers are extremely versatile garments that can be combined with other garments to create elegant, casual or sporty-chic looks. Wondering how to wear a blazer and what to combine it with? That all depends on the occasion, of course.


Loose, casual, and everyday wear
Comfort is the main priority here. Combine a relaxed blazer with an outfit of jeans and a t-shirt for a cool, relaxed look. Add a slightly more distinguished touch with a turtleneck jumper - perfect for those transitional seasons like spring and autumn.


Elegance in the office

Plain shirts or V-neck blouses go well with blazers if you’re after a sophisticated look for the office. A black blazer is always a solid choice, but dark blue blazers are also ideal for a work environment. For formal occasions, such as job interviews or client meetings, it’s best to close your blazer and fasten all the buttons for a more professional look.


Casual yet fancy for going out
Pair your blazer with a hoodie from your favourite band to add a rock ’n’ roll vibe to your evening outfit or combine it with a glitter top for a chic party look and a casual blazer style. The best combinations for this are slim-fit jeans or a mini skirt and ankle boots.


Choosing the right clothing to combine with a blazer always comes down to a matter of taste. Whether you’re opting for a casual, elegant, or eye-catching look, learning how to style a blazer is easy with the right pieces of clothing and accessories.


Depending on the time of year and temperature, blouses, shirts, and tops in different materials and styles always go well with a blazer and are an easy way to add colour to your outfit. For a casual-sporty style, combine your blazer with a classic t-shirt or long-sleeved top.


Trousers, dresses, and skirts
Classic fabric trousers or suit trousers exude timeless elegance and can be combined with a blazer for a whole range of formal occasions – be it a day at the office or an outdoor wedding. You can also pair your blazer with a dress or a mini or midi skirt.



Heels or trainers? Whether you’re going for a formal or casual outfit, shoes can play a fundamental role in your blazer look. High heels add a touch of class and femininity to your outfit, whereas trainers create a more laid-back and carefree aesthetic. Lightweight shoes or sandals with a heel are suitable for the warmer months, and simple ankle boots are great for autumn and winter wear.


Wondering how to match accessories to the blazer you’re wearing? Women’s accessories such as small shoulder bags or larger shoppers are great for creating that urban smart-casual look. You can also combine a women's blazer with a classy belt and jewellery to enhance the look.

Green and dark blue blazer Green and dark blue blazer


Check out some popular combinations below and get inspired for your next blazer look:


The classic jeans and a t-shirt look: This combination is simultaneously comfortable and elegant. A classy blazer enhances your everyday look and can be worn as a light jacket on cooler days.


The trendy oversized look: You’ll need an oversized blazer for this casual blazer style. Wear this with a simple blouse or a close-fitting turtleneck alongside figure-hugging trousers to make the length of the blazer a feature.


Retro vibes with chequered patterns: Chequered blazers are chic, stylish, and add a unique flair to your look. The distinct pattern enhances simple outfits and makes them stand out, whether paired with a blouse or a hoodie. The combination possibilities for this look are endless


The unapologetically sporty look: The athleisure look comprises intense contrasts between sophistication and sport. Coloured blazers work particularly well with this style. For instance, why not try a light blue blazer with a white t-shirt, dark blue jeans, and sports trainers?


The festive velour style: For Christmas or other important festive occasions, you can style a blazer in a festive way. Velour fabric is ideal for these occasions and works best in a noble, shiny colour like deep green or Bordeaux red. Combine your blazer with a dress or top and leather trousers to create a quick festive outfit.




How did you find the previous tips - were they too plain and boring? Would you like something a little more extravagant? Then take a look at these more unusual combinations:


Jogging bottoms: A blazer and jogging bottoms combination creates an interesting look that offers extreme contrast and is hard to beat in terms of comfort. High-waisted tracksuit trousers with a bustier top offer a great “mix-and-match” casual blazer style, while a jogger-sweater combination alongside an oversized blazer creates an elegant yet casual aura. Stylish accessories like a silver necklace add an extra touch of sophistication and keep the outfit balanced.


Bare-bellied: Combine your blazer with a classy bralette or crop top and add slim-fit trousers or high-cut Marlene trousers. Top it off with white trainers or high heels and you'll steal the show!


Shorts: Shorts are particularly cool and trendy when worn with oversized black or grey blazers. The loose fit of the blazer ensures for an extra-casual style and is great for those who want to keep wearing their blazer even in the warmer months.



As you can see, there are so many ways to wear a blazer. The variety of combinations caters to all seasons, colour preferences and individual styles. It’s always worth trying something new and testing different outfit combinations. Just remember - the most important thing is to always feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing.