Winter work outfits for women Winter work outfits for women

Winter work outfits for women

Professionalism and sophistication are the foundations of office attire. Whether you like to keep it classy or add some flair, the diverse selection of classic and modern women's business outfits available today makes it easier than ever to incorporate your personal style into your work wear.

What you wear to work doesn’t just depend on your style though, but also on the season. Maxi skirts and midi dresses are great for warm temperatures, but elegant office wear isn’t always designed to weather the colder months. Low temperatures and slippery pavements tend to cause hazards on the way to work or to a client meeting, so being prepared with practical winter work outfits is essential.

Read on for some helpful tips on how to combine practicality, comfort and style when it comes to choosing office outfits in winter.


Wind, sleet, or snow – no matter the winter weather, many classic women’s work clothes are perfectly appropriate for dressing stylishly and keeping warm at the same time. By incorporating these classic garments into your business wardrobe, you're guaranteed to always find the right piece for your outfit - even when it's cold and frosty outside.



A well-fitting blazer is always a reliable piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe during winter. Not only is this garment easy to combine with other items, but it lends an appropriate amount of sophistication to any winter work outfit. Whether oversized, long, fitted, or in fresh cuts and colours, wear a blazer over a high-quality jumper or combine it with an elegant scarf to keep you warm throughout the day.


Skirts and dresses

Skirts and dresses can also be counted as warm office clothes and are a versatile, evergreen addition to an elegant look. During the colder months, choose pieces made from robust and warm fabrics such as business skirts in leather or high-quality wool blends. Simple knitted dresses are also a must if you don't want to compromise traditionally feminine elements during winter.


Formal trousers

Absolute all-rounders in your wardrobe, women’s formal trousers can be worn as part of a variety of looks throughout the year. Trousers in both light and thick materials go perfectly with your winter office wear collection. Try trousers made from warm wool blends or if you’d rather a slim-fit model or a pair of Marlene trousers, try the onion layering trick: create a discreet, warming layer by wearing a pair of light tights under your trousers.



Whether it's raining or snowing, a coat is your best friend and no women’s winter business outfit is complete without one. Choose from the vast array of different coat styles available: from classic coats with lapel collars and single or double-breasted coats to midi or maxi length jackets. Coats with a high wool content are particularly warm and make for a cosy addition to any elegant winter office outfit.

Winter work outfits for women Winter work outfits for women


A little goes a long way: try some of these styling tips and tricks to make any women's work outfit winter ready.


Subtle jewellery, a high-quality leather belt, a stylish watch, a virgin wool scarf, or leather gloves – all are chic and eye-catching accessories that can lend your winter look that certain something.


As warm as they are, snow and hiking boots unfortunately aren’t very appropriate for the office. For that extra dose of warmth, ankle boots are a great substitute. They’re easy to combine with a range of outfit styles, they keep you warm (especially ankle boots with interior lining), and they visually enhance women’s office wear in the cold winter season. Lace-up boots and trainers are also suitable for the office but make sure the latter are robust with a thick sole that can withstand water and snow.


As well as files, documents, laptops, and make-up, an elegant bag is also suitable for carrying your scarves and gloves in the winter. Why not go for a briefcase in suave black leather with a subtle shimmer? Or how about a tote bag in grained brown leather with a matt effect? The choice is yours.


Your favourite perfume can lend a touch of elegance to your work outfit, even in winter. Fragrances with cosy notes of vanilla and tonka bean are particularly popular during the winter season.


Whether it's a long bob, an updo, or a pixie cut, you can prevent your carefully crafted business hairstyle from being flattened or becoming undone with the right headwear. Keep your head warm with voluminous wrap-around scarves, earmuffs, or stylish headbands to preserve your cut’s shape. French berets and chic hats also work great as elegant winter office wear accessories for ladies.

Winter work outfits for women Winter work outfits for women


You might require different outfits for different occasions at work. In order to be dressed smartly for customer meetings, business trips, work events and so on, all while staying appropriately warm in the wintertime, you need to know how to combine the various garments of your outfit.


For in-house meetings

Unless your workplace has a strict dress code, it's fine to dress a bit more casually for in-house conferences or meetings with colleagues. In many companies, business-casual women’s wear is perfectly acceptable in winter. The important thing is that you feel comfortable in your outfit. Be bold and combine leisurely pieces with classic business elements such as black women’s jeans or flat shoes like black loafers made of Italian leather. If it’s “Casual Friday” however, you can of course be even more relaxed with your style.

For business lunches

The main thing to remember here is to not overthink it - a smart-casual look is perfectly suited to a business lunch. A blouse or an elegant jumper combined with dark jeans and simple heeled boots can make for the perfect outfit in these situations. Complete the look with a striking necklace or expressive earrings. For a business dinner, go for a business dress or a classic trouser suit.

For a client meeting outside the office

For client meetings away from the office, you’ll want a tidy outfit that radiates competence and strength. The outfit should be as uncomplicated as possible and above all, warm, especially if you need to travel far. Suitable women’s winter work clothes in these situations include a timeless turtleneck jumper combined with a fashionable blazer and high-waisted trousers or jeans. Knitted dresses are also ideal for work events during winter. Combined with an elegant blazer and a belt, they make a great substitute for trousers and afford you a contemporary yet warm look.

For a business trip

Smart layering is essential for business trips. Your office wear has to be versatile and adaptable, especially in winter. Go for a simple yet sophisticated look with a turtleneck jumper, a business blouse, fitted wool trousers and a blazer. Classic, straightforward garments like these can easily be worn in different combinations. One less thing for you to worry about on your trip.