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Men's Zip Up Hoodies

Men's zip-up hoodies by HUGO and BOSS have become a must-have for fashionists. Not only do they offer the perfect balance of style and comfort, but they easily adapt to different tastes and occasions. Designed to meet the demands of fashion-conscious men, and with the latest trends in mind, these hoodies are a versatile accessory for both casual, relaxed weekend getaway attire and a more sophisticated urban look for a night out. All without compromising on functionality.

Zip-up hoodies: versatility and comfort

Men's zip-up hoodies are a versatile and comfortable piece of clothing. In warmer weather, you can simply unzip the hood and, if it starts to cool down, you can close it and put on the hood. In fact, the hood will also protect you from wind and light rain. The zip also makes it easy to put the hoodie on and take it off, which is also very useful when moving between indoor and outdoor spaces.
And best of all, it goes perfectly with some of the most fashionable outfits. So whether you're going for a casual look, a more urban look, or you prefer to go all day in a tracksuit, a zip up hoodie will add comfort and style to your wardrobe.

Materials and Styles

HUGO BOSS zip-up hoodies for men are made from high quality fabrics and materials that guarantee comfort and functionality. They will keep you cool and dry in hot weather or when you're playing sports. In our collection, you'll find hoodies made from a variety of materials, including:


  • Cotton fleece: breathable and soft to the touch. This material is able to absorb moisture and keep the skin dry. It is also durable and hard-wearing, making it suitable for everyday use.

  • Cotton-terry: composed of long, soft loops on both sides of the fabric, this material creates a feeling of comfort. It is ideal for physical activities for its highly absorbent characteristic. In addition, cotton-terry is durable and resistant to intensive use.

  • Cotton-blend. This material offers comfort and softness, while incorporating some stretch. It is also durable, easy to care for and wash, making it a very practical choice.


Explore HUGO and BOSS wide range of ingenious cuts and designs

The HUGO BOSS collection of zip-up hoodies for men offers a wide variety of designs. Choose your favourite style from hoodies in neutral tones that are easy to combine: a black zip-up hoodie looks great with black or blue jeans, or with casual trousers or khaki or grey chinos if you're looking for something more elegant. Or for a more personal touch to your look, go for a printed sweatshirt or one with a contrasting HUGO BOSS logo.

Whatever your style, whatever the occasion, you'll find the right piece for you in our catalogue. Don't leave your wardrobe without a versatile zip-up hoodie!