The suits every man should own

We know a thing or two about suiting. So believe us when we say, when it comes to tailoring, less is often more. A few hard-working BOSS suits will see you through work events and formal occasions. With various styles, cuts and colours in our range to choose from, selecting the best suit to fit your needs can be challenging. How many suits should a man own? For guidance, and to strengthen your tailoring portfolio, we’ve put together a list of the five suit styles that are a must in any man's wardrobe.


Look for how many suits should a man own guide Look for how many suits should a man own guide

For special occasions

The tuxedo

The pinnacle of elegance and timelessness is summed up in one suit: the tuxedo. A streamlined silhouette trimmed with satin at the buttons, expertly crafted from head to toe, will be your go-to piece for black-tie events. Make sure it stays in peak condition with our BOSS guide to caring for your tuxedo.