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Stylish Overshirts for Men by HUGO BOSS:

Looking to style up a somewhat unspicy outfit? HUGO BOSS men's overshirts will be your best allies as they combine elegance, style, and comfort! Whether it's to complete a casual look or adding sophistication to an outfit, the overshirt adapts to all situations thanks to its versatility.


The HUGO BOSS collection of men's overshirts offers a wide range of styles in a variety of durable materials to meet everyone's tastes and needs, crafted with premium materials to adjust to the ever-changing British weather:


  • Cotton Overshirt: a breathable and lightweight material, ideal for days when it's a bit warmer.

  • Linen Overshirts: also suitable for hot climates thanks to its breathable properties and moisture management, which allows you to stay cool and dry.

  • Wool blend Overshirt: recommended for chillier autumn days, as it provides warmth and comfort without being as heavy as a jacket.


Transitional seasons like autumn and spring often mean variable weather conditions. To prepare you to face potential rain, HUGO BOSS offers overshirts made from water-repellent materials. In our online store, you'll also find quilted men's overshirts with added padding to enhance comfort and a modern look.

Complete the look: how to wear your overshirt?

Overshirts are a garment halfway between a shirt and a jacket. They are therefore particularly recommended when the temperatures are unstable in the spring or autumn. To suit all styles and occasions, men's overshirts are available in different colours and materials, making it easy to worn them over a simple t-shirt or with a jumper.


Indeed, if you opt for an oversized shirt for a casual outfit, then consider pairing it with slim-fit jeans to balance your silhouette. Breaking up or contrasting your outfit is important to consider when you're putting together your looks. On the other hand, if the overshirt you choose to wear is more fitted, then don't hesitate to pair it with loose trousers. Regardless, keep in mind that the overshirt should always be longer than the jumper or t-shirt you wear underneath, otherwise, the result may not be as aesthetically pleasing as expected.


Additionally, you can also choose the colours and textures to make the outfit more harmonious or bring out a trait of your personality. A red overshirt on a man wearing black jeans will add the touch of originality that was missing. Chequered overshirts for men, on the other hand, blend quite well with neutral colours such as beige, brown, or khaki.


Finally, accessories are the detail that can change an outfit. You will find the perfect pairing of accessories and over-shirts at the HUGO BOSS online shop. It's up to you to play boldly with your style!