Men's Boxer Shorts

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Designer Boxers for Men: Signature Bodywear by BOSS

Confidence is key. Whether you lean toward understated or bold, the garments that sit closest to the skin are pivotal to carrying your look with poise. BOSS Bodywear is designed with this holistic approach in mind: attention to detail, a technical fit and modern fabrics that make this men’s boxer shorts edit a cut above.


Comfort is everything. BOSS cotton boxers for men are tailored from the softest blends chosen for their natural stretch and breathability. The result is underwear that you can barely feel but that provides all the benefits: a smooth silhouette that guarantees even your slimmest pants hang well, plus the right amount of support to take on even the most active days.


Across the range of BOSS Bodywear pieces, expect the same precision and attention to detail as you would find with BOSS tailoring. The use of elastic waistbands ensures complete flexibility and a stay-fast fit.


BOSS boxer-briefs hit upper, mid- and low-thigh, offering a cut that suits every body type. Men with larger legs can prevent rubbing by opting for a longer brief while those with shorter legs can gain the illusion of height by choosing a mid-thigh cut.


Take note of waist heights too. As a shorter version of the boxer-brief, BOSS trunks have a lower waistline and hit the mid- to upper-thigh. Hours spent in the gym have their rewards, and this is the cut to display your toned physique.


Undressed needn’t mean undone. BOSS men’s boxer shorts come in an array of shades and prints. Choose from tried-and-true black, navy and white, or seasonal shades to match your underwear to your outerwear for sartorial coordination of the highest caliber.


BOSS boxer short sets – available in twos and threes – offer an easy way to update your underwear selection.

Men’s Underwear with Impact by HUGO

Bodywear with attitude is another option for elevating your underwear wardrobe. HUGO often collaborates with guest designers who share an appreciation of contemporary design. Seek out these ever-changing collections if underwear with an edge is your goal.


If breaking the rules is your daywear modus operandi, take the same approach under your clothes with men’s boxer shorts by HUGO. New iterations of our logo are refreshed season after season, framing an array of graphic and art-inspired prints.


Complete your base layer with socks and undershirts, available alongside our range of HUGO boxers for men in our online shop.