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Privacy Policy for participation in


As of May 1st, 2018

1. Scope of the Collection, Processing and Use of the Data

HUGO BOSS EXPERIENCE, HUGO BOSS AG, Dieselstr. 12, D-72555 Metzingen, Germany (“HUGO BOSS” or “we”) operates the customer loyalty programme HUGO BOSS EXPERIENCE (hereinafter also referred to as “customer loyalty programme”) and collects, processes and uses your personal data obtained in connection with the customer loyalty programme solely for the operation of said customer loyalty programme.

To participate in HUGO BOSS EXPERIENCE, HUGO BOSS requires you to provide compulsory information, including but not limited to your salutation form, first and last name, email address and country of residence ("Basic Information") asked for in the registration process and requests you to provide certain additional information, including but not limited to your academic title, birthday date (day/month/year), postal address, mobile phone number and telephone number (collectively “Personal Data”) for respective purposes as stated in Clause 2 of this Privacy Policy. We collect, process, and use this information so that we can manage your participation in HUGO BOSS EXPERIENCE. If you fail to provide or update accurate Basic Information as requested, the provision of such services by HUGO BOSS may be affected.

2. Data collected as part of the customer loyalty programme

To this end, HUGO BOSS collects and stores the following personal data in a central customer database in Germany.

2.1 Personal Data

HUGO BOSS collects and stores the Personal Data provided by you.

2.2 Purchase history

HUGO BOSS records the purchases and other transactions you make in the HUGO BOSS retail stores and thereby creates a purchase history. This includes information on the products purchased (item description, item number, number of items, size, colour, price, currency, order number), on the transaction type (purchase, exchange, return etc.), on the place of purchase (country, city and branch in the case of retail stores) and the time of purchase.

If you identify yourself as a HUGO BOSS EXPERIENCE participant when shopping in a retail store, the participating stores register this purchase and send the associated information to HUGO BOSS.

HUGO BOSS retail stores means brick and mortar stores directly operated by HUGO BOSS, HUGO BOSS subsidiaries and/ or companies affiliated with HUGO BOSS.

2.3 Information regarding customer service and advice

HUGO BOSS collects information regarding your inquiries made to our telephone customer service and regarding the advice provided to you by staff at HUGO BOSS retail stores. We also record in our customer database which member of staff has been allocated to you in one of our local stores as your personal sales advisor. Your personal sales advisors in our local stores can save information about products in our customer database which they consider particularly interesting for you.

2.4 Information regarding use of the website

If you have given your consent, HUGO BOSS also collects information regarding your use of the website. In this respect, HUGO BOSS for example collects information on the content you have accessed on the website and on the items you access on the website.

3. Purpose for the Use of Your Personal Data

If you have given your consent, your Personal Data may be used by:
(2) HUGO BOSS Canada Inc., 2600 Steeles Avenue West, Unit 2 & 3, Concord, Ontario L4K 3C8, Canada;

for the following purposes:
(a) advertising, marketing, promoting, public relations and direct marketing in relation to the provisions of HUGO BOSS EXPERIENCE services and/or HUGO BOSS’s goods (including clothing, accessories, eyeglasses, leather products, shoes, perfumes and watches) and/or services, (collectively, the “Classes of Marketing Subjects”);
(b) provision of goods, services and promotional offers in relation to the Classes of Marketing Subjects;
(c) communicating to you regarding our latest news and information;
(d) information, data and database administration; and
(e) market research, statistics and analysis.

You may receive advertising (e.g. information about HUGO BOSS, product information and customer surveys as well as exclusive offers or invitations to events and promotions organized by HUGO BOSS or the participating stores,) by mail, e-mail, SMS/MMS or phone from HUGO BOSS or HUGO BOSS Canada Inc. This information is tailored to suit you using your Basic Information, your voluntary information as well as the purchase history reported by the retail stores.

On the basis of the information stated under Section 2, HUGO BOSS and HUGO BOSS Canada Inc. may individualize the information it sends to you so that you preferentially receive information that HUGO BOSS believes will be of special interest to you. In order to be able to cater more personally for you, we also use the data stated under Section 2 to create various different customer groups.

If you have consented to the receipt of personalized advertising by email, we identify which of the received newsletters and the links they contain you access and information about your subsequent use of the website (see also Section 2.4 above) in order to be able to provide you with more personalized information in future.

You can select the communication channels (i.e. email, post, SMS/MMS and/or telephone) via which you would like to be contacted at the registration. You can also have the communication channels selected by you changed in the retail stores anytime.

4. Access and Correction of Your Personal Data

You may at any time request either verbally or in writing:
(a) access to your Personal Data held by HUGO BOSS or have a copy of your Personal Data (if any);
(b) correct your Personal Data or have it updated; and
(c) delete you or your Personal Data from any HUGO BOSS’s active mailing or distribution lists; and
(d) withdraw your consent to the process of your Personal Data,

by notifying HUGO BOSS in accordance with Clause 6 of this Privacy Policy.

5. Transfer and Disclosure of Your Personal Data

For the purposes mentioned in clause 2 of this Privacy Policy, HUGO BOSS will take all practicable steps to keep your Personal Data confidential but we may share, transfer and/or disclose the same to:

(a) HUGO BOSS Canada Inc. which is providing the Classes of Marketing Subjects and data administration;
(b) HUGO BOSS subsidiary in the country where you reside if you have applied for HUGO BOSS Experience participation in a HUGO BOSS retail store in Canada provided that the HUGO BOSS subsidiary runs the HUGO BOSS loyalty programme HUGO BOSS Experience. A list of the HUGO BOSS retail stores to which your application for registration might be transferred can be found at
(c) agents, contractors, suppliers and service providers engaged by HUGO BOSS for the provision of data processing and storage services to HUGO BOSS and/or the assistance in providing HUGO BOSS’s service to you (the “Service Providers”) within the European Union and Canada. The Service Providers process your Personal Data solely at our request and in accordance with our instructions. We ensure that the Service Providers comply with the provisions of the Privacy Policy and that the Service Providers have taken all reasonable security measures.

6. Change of the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may from time to time be updated, amended and changed. HUGO BOSS will notify the HUGO BOSS Experience participants of the change in each case by e-mail or in writing to the most recently communicated mobile phone number.

7. Contacting Us

Should you have any inquires, complaints and questions regarding personal data protection or our use of your Personal Data or wish to access or correct your Personal Data held by HUGO BOSS, please contact HUGO BOSS - Personal Data Privacy Officer at any time on the email address

HUGO BOSS will take appropriate measures to satisfy you.