Summer wedding outfits Summer wedding outfits

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Early sunrises, late nights, and warm days; it is little wonder that summer is the season of romance with the majority of weddings taking place between June and August. While this may be the perfect time for a wedding, it does present an important question: what outfits are best for a summer wedding? How do you combine clean lines and sophisticated cuts with lightweight and breathable fabrics? With these styling tips, we show you how to make the right impact with the best summer wedding outfits for men and women.


Summer weddings can often be a little more casual, particularly if you are attending an outdoor or destination beach wedding. However, reflecting the breezy, carefree attitude of the season does not mean you have to sacrifice on looking your very best. A wedding at any time of year is the perfect excuse to dress to the nines and arrive on the scene with stylish intent. Here are some key things to consider when choosing a wedding guest outfit:




Many couples establish the level of formality they want at their wedding with a dress code. The most popular dress code for weddings is often cocktail or semi-formal. Both are a nice balance of formality and comfort, perfect for a summer wedding.


Whether a dress code is established or not, choosing the right wedding guest outfit is all about matching your attire to the occasion. For popular outdoor locations such as castle grounds, converted barns and landscaped gardens, you want to choose a material and style that blends the right level of casual breathability with stylish formality.


For a male summer wedding outfit that could mean a slim suit jacket in a lightweight linen or cotton blend with partial lining. A wedding guest outfit for a woman on the other hand, could translate to a chic cocktail dress or a modern midi-skirt and blazer combo. For a destination beach wedding, dare to go even more casual by ditching the blazer and rocking a linen shirt of unparalleled summer comfort or a playful and flowy floral summer dress.




Unless the dress code specifies a certain colour scheme, you are free to choose the tone to match your personality. White is, of course, typically reserved for the bride and light creams can often be something of a grey area. If unsure, it’s probably best to err on the side of caution. A good summer wedding guest outfit for ladies reflects the romance of the season through bright and cheerful colours or light floral patterning.


For suits, dark tones such as black, navy blue and grey have long been safe wedding choices. However, for a smart-casual dress code, they tend to fall a little further on the formal end of the scale. A summer wedding is great for men’s outfit ideas that are a little more out of the box. Think pastels such as light greens, blues, and yellows in block colours or subtle micropatterning. Just make sure to align your styling ambitions with those of the bride and groom.

Summer wedding outfits Summer wedding outfits


Dressing for the occasion can sometimes be easier said than done. Subtle differences in materials, finishes and even accessories can spell the difference between smart-casual success and overly formal failure. No matter what type of wedding you’re invited to, we show you how to look and feel your best with the right men’s wedding guest outfit.




We understand the subtle nuances that exist under the ‘smart-casual’ umbrella. For a casual look that still adheres to convention why not try a slim-fit two-piece suit in a performance-unlocking stretch weave or a moisture-wicking linen blend. Trust in clean and minimalist lines without the high formality of a more conventional cut.


Need a wedding summer outfit for men that truly breaks the mould? The classic long-sleeved polo shirt is the very embodiment of the smart-casual spirit. Ditch the pocket square and silk tie and get back to basics with a button-down collar in cotton piqué and smart chinos ensemble. Pare up with the inclusion of a breathable checked jersey jacket or pare down with a pair of designer leather trainers with a subtle trim.




For a more conventional dress code, your best bet is to depend upon the classics of sartorial refinement. Particularly suited to evening and indoor weddings or traditional church settings, dark tones of navy blue and grey in slim or regular fit always cut a refined silhouette.


Finish with a waistcoat to create one of the sharpest summer looks possible. Alternatively, go all out with a tuxedo suit complete with classic satin accents at the lapels, buttons and pocket trims. Of course, the tuxedo is not suitable for every occasion, be sure not to overdo it for the occasion.




To achieve the perfect wedding outfit look for men this summer, do not overlook the importance of choosing the right accessories.


There’s a reason the saying goes ‘suited and booted’ – your choice of footwear is just as important as your choice of suit. For most weddings (and most occasions, in general) a premium-quality pair of leather evening shoes will never let you down. A pair of Oxfords in black or brown is one of the most versatile styles. With footwear sorted it’s a good idea to match the rest of your leather accessories, including a classically buckled belt and a leather watch strap.


Next up, your choice of neckwear can make or break a man’s wedding guest outfit. Out are the bulky polyester surfboards and in are slim silk ties that emanate style and touchability. Alternatively, the bow tie is always a personality-ladened option, with traditional silk or bold velvet fabrics proving popular. Round out a smarter look with a pair of cufflinks or capture the summer spirit with some designer sunglasses.

Summer wedding outfits Summer wedding outfits


Whether you are looking for a classic cocktail dress or an easy-breezy trousers/skirt and blouse/blazer combination, we have you covered. Read on to discover some of our best wedding guest outfit ideas for a woman this summer.




Just because it’s summer, a wedding outfit doesn’t always have to mean a dress. In fact, there are endless opportunities to tailor an outfit to your unique blend of style and individuality.


A stylish blouse offers great versatility and can be worn with either a skirt or trousers. Think relaxed fit cotton or smooth silk with frill collars, ruffle detailing or keyhole cut-outs in seasonal tones of deep reds, light blues, or bold patterning. Pair with suit trousers for an on-trend BOSS finish or a maxi skirt with a pleated finish for a comfortable and distinctly feminine ensemble.


Of course, you can still opt for a dress without sacrificing that casual air. Summer dresses with their lightweight fabrics, colourful and floral prints, and loose-fitting cuts make for the perfect outfits for outdoor weddings.




The dress, like the three-piece suit, is and will always be the quintessential wedding guest outfit for formal affairs. For true sophistication, a floor-length ball gown is unmatched and there is no greater excuse to wear one than a wedding. For something a little more seasonal, a maxi dress combines fluid fabrics and playful prints with a contemporary silhouette and can be worn long or short-sleeved to suit any weather.


Alternatively, a cocktail dress is often a great wedding guest outfit for women looking for a middle-ground between casual daywear and formal evening wear. Choose from summer tones of yellow or amber finished with subtle satin straps, side slits and a range of lengths.




The adage ‘less is more‘ rings true for the summer wedding where the aim is to make an impression without imposing. Whether to go for sandals, flats or trainers will depend on the setting and the dress code. Although, it is best to rely on quality design and premium materials to do the walking and talking rather than oversized stiletto heels or extravagant flourishes.


Likewise, when pairing a handbag, it is all about that refined quality. A small leather clutch bag or sleek shoulder bag is perfect for marrying stunning form and function. Finish the look with a subtly paired necklace, earring and bracelet jewellery ensemble and you’re ready to show off your perfect wedding guest outfit to the masses.