Menswear by HUGO Menswear by HUGO
Spring/Summer 2017

Digital Oasis

Enter the Digital Oasis for Spring/Summer 2017, exploring the crossing on- and offline worlds, and those who live at the intersection. Clean silhouettes and sharp geometric details are influenced by digital precision, but always with a touch of HUGO attitude.


New-season print

Suit, shirt, bomber jacket, shirt, trousers by HUGO Suit, shirt, bomber jacket, shirt, trousers by HUGO
Floral print by HUGO Floral print by HUGO
Natural vs digital

Introducing a new design for Spring/Summer 2017, the flower print. This season, it is up close and pixelated in green, blue and yellow, glowing on a sportswear and tailoring.

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Shop the look

The campaign

  • Spring/Summer 2017 – Digital Oasis

    Shot in the desert, the campaign introduces a cast of bright young things, whose lives are inextricably linked with the online world. Speaking to campaign photographer Harley Weir, the stars of Digital Oasis reflect on life.

  • "His name was originally Cooper Kenny"

    Wyatt and Fletcher Shears of band, The Garden

  • "There's going to be quite a lot of cool stuff"

    Felix Gesnouin, model