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Men’s turtleneck sweater

Chartering a rich history dating back to the Middle Ages and finding utilitarian prominence amongst 19th-century workers, the turtleneck sweater can initially feel like an intimidating style to rock. However, from humble beginnings comes a garment of immense versatility, making for a defining fashion statement through the generations.


The HUGO BOSS collection of men’s turtleneck sweaters, whether in a timeless rollneck, mock-neck or zip-neck style, has been redefined for modernity to suit every preference. Create any number of distinct looks by choosing from lavishly thick knits or uber-lightweight wool blends to effortlessly pair with your formal and casual getups.



Emphasize a modern silhouette with a choice of classic men’s rollneck and mock-neck sweaters in slim and straight fits. Form-fitting turtlenecks serve as an understated top when worn alone; or why not layer up on colder days and wear them under a blazer or denim overshirt.

For those who live in climates with rapidly changing weather patterns, a simple regular-fit turtleneck jumper in wool or cotton is a good alternative to layering. Try rollneck knits with ribbed accents or modern zip-neck polos in a distinct two-tone or patterned finish for a contemporary touch. With or without the distinctive HUGO BOSS embroidered logo, our range of men’s designer turtlenecks are available in a choice of bold and seasonal colours to complement any styling aspiration.



Crafted from the finest materials including luxuriously soft Italian yarn and breathable virgin wool and cotton blends, the HUGO BOSS collection of men’s high-neck jumpers can be relied on for superior comfort and wear. With stretch blends and temperature regulating fine knits designed to move with your body, turtlenecks are a versatile, all-season staple that work with any climate and style.

Embrace a new status-quo with comprising garments from organic and unmodified cotton sources and wool farms that adhere to the Five Freedoms of animal welfare. Another reason you can feel good wearing these fabrics.

Complete the look

From the office to the bar to a walk in the park: The endless versatility of men’s turtleneck tops makes them a wardrobe essential suitable for both formal and informal occasions.


When paired with dress trousers and a blazer, a quality black or white rollneck sweater redefines formal convention without breaking it. For more relaxed settings, men’s lightweight wool or cashmere turtleneck tops can be worn with jeans and sneakers for a warm, casual look. Dress for breezy summer nights with a zip-neck sweater, shorts and trainers to achieve that easy balance of style and comfort; or wrap up with a thick rollneck jumper, dark trousers, leather boots and an overcoat.


Whether worn as a standout piece or as part of a layered ensemble, define your style with the right turtleneck from the HUGO BOSS collection.