Leather Outfits for Women Leather Outfits for Women

Combining different
leather outfits

High-quality leather clothes can give your outfit an elegant and daring look. With styles for every season, you’re sure to find a variation that will work for you, whether you want to liven up your office outfit or add a touch of class to your night-out look.


A leather skirt, for instance, can be combined with a variety of accessories to create a fresh and bold look. For elegant dinner parties, a dress with leather jacket and boots looks sensational. There are many ways to incorporate leather into your outfits, all you need is a little inspiration.


In this guide, you’ll find a range of styling tips to help you effortlessly combine leather garments to create a multitude of looks and outfits. Want to know what to wear with leather leggings, for instance? Then keep reading to discover new everything you need to create the perfect leather skirt outfit.

Trendy leather outfits for women

Leather is the perfect material for imbuing your outfits with a rebellious, devil-may-care attitude. An edgy leather skirt outfit, for instance, is ideal for the warmer months and radiates femininity while subtly hinting towards a wilder side. Leather is such a versatile material that you can create any type of look, from casual to chic to boisterous.


When it comes to colour, there are no limits on what you can wear. Both monochromatic outfits and subtle tones with striking contrasts are trending right now, so you can let your creativity run wild with whatever colour you choose for your leather pieces. However, if you want a more curated look or just need a bit of inspiration, the following outfit ideas may help.




Every season is the right season for a leather skirt outfit. If you’re wondering what to wear with a leather skirt, it all depends on the occasion. Basically, anything goes with a leather skirt, but that just makes choosing the right combinations even harder! For fancier evenings out and dinner parties, combine a leather skirt with a blouse, coat, or blazer. Chill days at home merit a lovely turtleneck sweater or a cardigan, and is an outfit that’s just as suitable for a cute coffee date or a stroll into town. If you’re heading to a party or a night out, a black leather skirt outfit with a leather jacket or stylish top is sure to turn heads. Don’t be afraid to wear a leather skirt even in the colder months, just make sure you wrap up warm on your top half when selecting your winter leather skirt outfits.




Contrary to what you might think, leather leggings are one of the most versatile pieces you can own. Whatever the occasion, the best tops to wear with leather leggings are simplistic, allowing the elegance of the leather to be the star of the show. Throw a comfy oversized sweatshirt on for a casual look, or a stylish leather jacket to create a gorgeous night out leather leggings outfit that’s perfect for gigs and parties.


Leather leggings are also a great choice for dates and events, like theatre trips or business conferences. A classy satin top makes the ideal addition here and on cooler days, finish off your look with a cosy sherpa jacket and a loose cardigan.




Barely a week goes by without some kind of celebrity showing up to a red-carpet event in a leather dress. It’s understandable, though, since a leather dress can make a big statement as a centrepiece, not to mention the ease of combining it with a wide selection of other accessories.


In the summer months, wear your leather dress either as a standalone piece or over a shirt. Sleeveless dresses are best for warmer weather and work well for parties and dates. As the temperature drops and the weather gets a little chillier, pair your dress with tights and a faux fur jacket or a trench coat for a wonderfully warm but chic women’s winter outfit.

Green leather jacket and black leather skirt for Women Green leather jacket and black leather skirt for Women

Finishing touches for your leather outfits

The best leather outfits incorporate high-quality shoes and accessories into their looks to create refined and perfected styles. If you want some inspiration, such as what shoes to wear with leather leggings, check out the ideas below:


Accessories and Jewellery

Almost any piece of jewellery can be paired with a leather outfit, whether you’re wearing a leather skirt, leather dress, or leather jacket. Bracelets, necklaces, and earrings (provided they’re not too oversized) all go well with leather clothes, especially if you’re sporting metallic highlights in your garments. If you are, though, remember to match the metallic tone of your jewellery to those of your clothes.



Choosing what shoes to wear with a leather outfit will depend on what you’re planning to do. Trainers go well with leather leggings for a casual look or switch to suede ankle boots for a more elegant style. If you’re after a dramatic, sexier look, pointed high heels and leather leggings make the perfect combo.

For outfits with leather skirts, simple pumps work well, as do stylish sandals in the summer months. In winter, ankle boots or calf-length boots create an edgy look that also keeps you a tad warmer. It’s important to choose your footwear based on the weather.



Handbags are ideal for keeping all your essentials close without compromising your leather outfit. Depending on the occasion, you either can opt for a small clutch, purse, or leather tote bag that complements the colour of your outfit. Metallic handbags are an excellent companion to leather styles, particularly purses with metal chains or handles.



The right perfume can do a lot to round out your style. Fragrances that stimulate the senses with surprising ingredients make exceptional additions to leather outfits, such as lavender, rosemary, and absinthe. Smoky and musky scents also contribute to your outfit and create layered, mysterious style.


Hats and hairstyles

From ponytails and pixie cuts to loose and curly locks, hairstyles of all kinds work well with leather outfits. What’s more, an appropriate hat can offset leather skirt outfits for a more casual appearance. These include beanies, baseball caps, and even leather caps.

Accessories for leather outfits for Women Accessories for leather outfits for Women

Leather outfits for ladies: Styling options for different occasions

Since leather is a material fit for all occasions, it should be a staple in your wardrobe. For instance, there are plenty of leather jacket outfit ideas that suit every situation, from elegant events to romantic rendezvous. In this section, we’ll show you some inspiration for leather outfits for both everyday and one-off occasions. With such versatility in leather, you’re bound to find an outfit for you.




Leather garments are not only appropriate for the office, they can also add the perfect amount of elegance and style to your outfit. Combine a leather dress with ankle boots for one-piece sophistication, or pair leather leggings with a knitted jumper and boots for a chic but professional office outfit.




A leather ensemble is perfect for more sophisticated events. A sleeveless black leather dress is already incredibly stunning, but when paired with lace details and a statement necklace it becomes even more exquisite. If it’s a little too cold for no sleeves, try a leather dress with bell sleeves or wear a white shirt underneath a tighter fitting dress for a classy yet preppy look.




Wearing black leather trousers to a concert or night out is a great option, since they go with just about anything. But if you’re off to a rock concert, a suave leather jacket is a must. Combined with a simple tshirt and jeans, this outfit has been a timeless favourite of music-lovers for generations.

A leather skirt also works well on nights out if you’re going for a more casual vibe, but for more sophisticated clubs, leather leggings are the better choice. If you’re off to a music festival, we recommend a leather shorts outfit because it not only looks good, it’s also easy to wash after a weekend in a field!