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HUGO BOSS Fragrances for Women

Just like you don't always wear the same clothes or use the same accessories, you don't always have to use the same fragrance. Depending on the moment, you may feel like showing yourself as more sensual, fresh, or dynamic. Fortunately, at HUGO BOSS, you will find the perfect women's fragrance for every situation.


A fragrance for every occasion

At HUGO BOSS, you can find a wide variety of notes and nuances, ranging from refreshing apple to exotic Arabian jasmine. All of them are elegantly and harmoniously combined in our eau de parfum, which contains a concentration of essences between 15% and 20%, ensuring a long-lasting scent on your skin.


For enjoying the night

One of the great pleasures of having plans in the evening is thinking about what you're going to wear. A beautiful evening dress, elegant shoes, and, above all, a seductive women's fragrance can make your plan unforgettable. If you want to show your daring and sensual side, HUGO Deep Red is a good choice, with its fruity and musky notes. Just a few drops on your neck and wrists are enough to exude a charming aroma throughout the night.


Another alternative is the HUGO BOSS The Scent Magnetic for women. With its intense yet harmonious notes of pure white musk and sweet osmanthus flower, you will emit an air of sensuality and passion that won't go unnoticed. Equally sensual, but with a bolder touch, is the essence of HUGO BOSS The Scent Absolute; it features sweet peach top notes, an intriguing heart of coffee, and final notes of vetiver and vanilla.


For everyday wear

Rare is the day when we don't have to overcome some obstacles. For this reason, we shouldn't be without a fragrance for women on our dressing table that allows us to reaffirm our independence and self-assurance. The eau de parfum HUGO BOSS Ma Vie pour femme, with a fresh base of cactus flower and notes of pink flowers and cedar, exudes strength and femininity in equal measure.


If you prefer a more fruity touch, HUGO Women can be your signature fragrance. In addition to fruity notes, it incorporates floral and black tea notes, giving it a lot of character. If you lean towards citrusy touches, HUGO BOSS scent for her combines top notes of green mandarin and pink pepper, a heart of orange blossom, and base notes of cocoa, adding sensuality and elegance.


To always carry in your handbag

The fragrances from HUGO BOSS for women are available in various sizes. The 100ml bottles are ideal for spritzing a few drops before leaving the house. The smaller sizes, 30ml or 50ml, are very practical for carrying them in your handbag at all times and being prepared for any occasion. In any case, the design of each bottle has been specifically created for each fragrance, representing the essence that defines each one of them.


In conclusion, no matter who you are or where you are, at HUGO BOSS, you will find an eau de parfum that will make every moment special.