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The material: leather

Powerful and protective

Hard-working, sleek, functional and stylish. Few materials have all of these resounding properties, but leather does, making it a wardrobe essential. It has been worn for centuries, and various methods for producing it have been developed over this time, resulting in a range of finishes from smooth and supple to compact and tough.

Leather tends to start with a natural grain on the surface, emphasising its authenticity. Good quality leather will break in with use, gaining extra character as you wear it.

BOSS carefully sources its leather from selected suppliers, ensuring that the animals are bred under the correct conservation conditions. Since 2016, BOSS has refrained from the use of exotic leathers. All leather is tested for its physical characteristics to ensure that the finished products, whether clothing or accessories, are of the highest quality. You can find out more on our corporate website.

Leather shoe production by BOSSLeather shoe production by BOSS

Advantages of leather

Reasons to invest

Leather is utilised in a variety of products due to its versatility. These are the top reasons to purchase authentic leather goods.

  • number 1number 1
    Adaptability and flexibility

    Because leather is a natural material, it contains a certain amount of inbuilt stretch. This allows it to adapt to the body's movements for ultimate comfort.

  • number 2number 2

    The way leather is treated makes it suitable to wear against the skin often without risk of causing irritation.

  • number 3number 3

    Leather is inherently strong, and with the right treatment a high-quality leather product can last a lifetime, developing a beautiful patina along the way.

  • number 4number 4
    Breathable yet protective

    Natural breathability ensures maximum comfort while wearing leather items. The material is also protective, providing a barrier against the elements, such as strong winds.

How to style leather

Navy leather jacket in a casual look by BOSSNavy leather jacket in a casual look by BOSS
Brown leather jacket by BOSSBrown leather jacket by BOSS
Create a polished look

A range of looks can be created with leather products, for men and for women. From the tough, hard-wearing biker jacket to more sleek and elegant designs, leather makes an excellent choice for outerwear thanks to its protective properties. It also works well as an accessory, appearing in everything from gloves, bags and wallets to belts and shoes. Use it to add a refined touch to any outfit.

The BOSS leather selection

How to care for leather

BOSS leather hang tagBOSS leather hang tag
Clean and protect your leather products

Always follow the care instructions provided.

It is important to keep leather dry so that it maintains its elasticity. If it gets wet, air dry at room temperature rather than using direct heat.

Always store leather in breathable fabric bags rather than plastic, keeping it away from sources of heat and light to preserve it the material.

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