Men's spring outfits Men's spring outfits

Men’s spring outfits

Spring at last! The long, dark winter days are finally behind us, it is the season of new life, longer days and good times to come. Time to give your wardrobe a good old-fashioned spring clean: out with the fully lined jackets, thick boots and heavy fabrics, and in with defined cuts, breathable materials and fewer layers.

Whether sporting a pared-down casual ensemble or dressed in your formal best, spring clothes for men are all about reintroducing a sense of lightness and vibrancy into your rotation. Conquer the winter blues and be reborn in the new season with our comprehensive spring style guide for men.



Like autumn, spring is a transitional season that can be a little unpredictable. One day it feels like summer has already begun, the next like winter will never end. Thicker materials such as down and tweed have largely had their day at this point, though it may be wise to keep at least one reliable coat on hand for when the weather inevitably takes a turn. Suede and leather are particularly suited for this purpose so why not combine both with a soft suede bomber jacket accented by smooth leather arms and chunky silver-toned zips?

Men’s spring clothes should generally be defined by slightly lighter fabrics such as loose knitwear and soft cotton blends. For example, an organic cotton zip sweater provides the right balance between warmth and breathability. Similar impeccable-quality fabrics such as cashmere and virgin wool, when combined with premium craftsmanship, ensure you are spring ready not only this season but for many seasons to come.




While muted tones such as black, white and shades of blue invariably work year-round, spring is particularly suited to lighter pastel tones that reflect the optimism of each new day. The beauty of pastels is that they can often be substituted in place of a traditional white shirt with little to no extra effort. Introduce a subtle pop of colour into your attire with a light shades of cream white, beige, apricot, rosé, mint green, lilac or yellow. Muted pastel colours like these can add fresh and bright tones to an outfit without being too obtrusive. They are also easy to combine and can blend harmoniously with any style.

Men's spring outfits Men's spring outfits


As with any good autumn outfit, the functionality of a man‘s spring style is often dependent on options for proper layering. With unpredictability once again the defining characteristic of the season, the value of an overshirt or lightweight jacket that can be donned or removed at a moment‘s notice cannot be overstated.


Go for a clean and casual spring look with a T-shirt base layer, regular-fit jeans in soft denim or cotton chinos and a simple pair of HUGO BOSS trainers. From there you have the key building blocks necessary to begin layering more quintessential men’s spring clothes. A relaxed-fit checked flannel overshirt is a perfect go-between for those indefinable sunny yet chilly British spring days. A tailored denim jacket can achieve a similar effect and a teddy-lined hood or collar can add a little extra warmth and style to your morning strolls.



The smart-casual look can be a tricky one to pull off, with the risk coming from veering too far one way or another. For a spring look that errs more on the sporty side, a short-sleeve zip-up polo shirt combines the formality of a traditional collar with a more casual cut and generally lighter fabrics. Alternatively, for cooler days spent with business clients or colleagues, a long-sleeve polo with a button-up collar is an ideal business shirt substitute and a generally on-trend spring style choice for men.

Pairing these with slim-fit chinos in stretch cotton satin and a muted tone is always a safe choice for a smart-casual aesthetic. For days that feel more like summer than spring, a linen trouser blend can soften an outfit and provide extra-casual comfort. Pair with designer trainers or leather evening shoes depending on the occasion.


For a formal spring look, layering a lightweight cotton sweater over a shirt with a classic Kent collar is a great option. A defined-fit shirt without pockets is best to avoid any unwanted bulk.

Alternatively, a turtleneck and blazer is another classic men’s spring outfit duo that works impressively well and is easy to pull off. Consider an understated roll-neck design in black, paired with a woven herringbone jacket. Complete the look with a pair of light chinos cut to a slim fit and your choice of leather shoes.

Even formal looks can pick up some colour in spring. Try a light-coloured knitted jumper under a darker fitted jacket or a shirt in light pink, green or lilac. At HUGO BOSS there are numerous shades and styles to choose from so you can put together your perfect seasonal look.

Men's spring outfits Men's spring outfits



While the sun is not yet at its strongest in spring, it’s still a great time for some lighter tonal lenses. Blue, green and even pink tints are stylish choices that offer a softer and more welcoming look. Whether you prefer classical or contemporary frames, there is a pair of sunglasses for every man.



A lightweight scarf made of Italian cashmere or a wool blend is a great men’s spring outfit accessory for keeping warm and looking cool during morning commutes or late-night rendezvous.


Pocket squares

For more elegant outfits, a pocket square is a small detail that can be used to perfectly accent a colour or pattern of your choice and bring some colour into your spring look. Discover all you need to know about pocket square folds in our handy guide.



Another way to add a pop of colour to your spring outfit is with the right pair of socks. Try mid-length cotton socks blended with stretch for maximum comfort and lasting shape recovery. Just make sure that accessories such as socks, ties or scarves are all colour-coordinated to create an overall harmonious look.



A watch is one of the most personal accessories a man can own. That’s why Hugo Boss offers contemporary and classically influenced timepieces in a range of colour combinations, watch face designs and materials to suit every occasion. Not sure which watch is right for you? Find your perfect match with the Hugo Boss watch guide.



For formal affairs, a premium leather belt with a silver or gold-toned buckle is indispensable. When wearing a belt, it is important that its materials and colours match those of your other accessories. For example, if you are wearing brown leather shoes, the belt should also be made of brown leather. If you choose a silver belt buckle, other jewellery such as watches or chains should also be silver.




A refreshing spring outfit requires a matching scent that is just as appealing. Find your next seasonal fragrance among fresh citrus essences, masculine woody tones and invigorating notes of freesia, vanilla and nutmeg. Whether you need an all-day parfum, a subtle eau de toilette or a sporty deodorant for everyday use: the extensive range of men's fragrances from HUGO BOSS will accompany you all year round.