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Every man is different, and every man deserves an impeccably fitting suit. BOSS offers suit jackets and trousers separately from our Mix & Match and Create Your Look ranges, so that you can combine the top and bottom parts to fit your build.

Mix & Match - combine different sizes

Do you need different sizes for tops and bottoms - a 48 jacket and 50 trousers? Our extensive range of Mix & Match suits allows you to buy your jacket and trousers separately in different sizes to create a perfectly fitting two-piece suit.

Create Your Look - combine different fits and sizes

Do you prefer slim-fit trousers in size 48, but a regular-fit jacket in 50? Or vice versa? Our Create Your Look collection allows you to combine various sizes and fits. The suits are cut from pure, double-dyed wool boasting natural stretch for wearing comfort, and are available in classic business shades of navy, black and anthracite. Each piece is available in regular, slim and extra-slim fit. Read more about our signature BOSS fits.

Find your perfect size

Not sure what size to select? Just click on “What’s my size” on any product range to get a recommendation. Or, download the HUGO BOSS App on any iOs device to use our newest functionality. Take a photo with your smartphone, answer three questions, and get your body measurements together with size recommendations for the perfect fit. Available exclusively for men’s suits, T-shirts and polos, and women’s trousers, T-shirts and tops.

Mix and Match Collection

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