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Men's Caps and Hats by HUGO and BOSS

Traditionally worn by sailors, workers, and athletes to protect their heads and eyes from the sun, men's caps became a fashion must-have with the rise of sports and urban culture.

If you value an urban look, you're well aware that men's caps have emerged as one of the most sought-after accessories for the modern men's wardrobe, capable of complementing any outfit. If you'relooking for the perfect cap, HUGO and BOSS collection of caps and hats for men caters to all tastes and requirements.


Men's caps styles and materials

Made from high-quality materials, HUGO and BOSS caps not only protect you from the sun, but are also carefully crafted to finish off your outfit in style. You'll find classic, understated styles such as the black caps, as well as more modern versions such as the wide-brimmed visor caps for added protection. In the HUGO BOSS caps & hats collection you will find three main materials that offer different characteristics and benefits:

  • Cotton twill: this is a strong, durable fabric with a soft, comfortable texture. Caps made of cotton twill are ideal for everyday use, as they are comfortable and breathable; they allow air to circulate, so you can keep your head cool at all times.

  • Nylon: Caps made of nylon are perfect for outdoor activities, as they are waterproof and quick-drying. The material is also wear-resistant and offers excellent protection against the elements.

  • Stretch-pique: Stretch pique caps adjust easily to the shape of your head, providing a comfortable and secure fit. Plus, it's breathable and absorbent, keeping you cool and dry all day long.

Men's dress caps with the HUGO BOSS logo

The HUGO and BOSS men's caps collection are characterised by playing with the logo, resulting in sophisticated, original designs. Choose your favourite style from caps with the logo in 3D or embroidered on the front to make a bold fashion statement. However, if you are looking for a minimalistic style, there are versions available with the logo in a smaller size and in discreet colour.

Don't miss out on the wide range of caps, hats, and beanies available in our collection, and explore HUGO BOSS special editions created in collaboration with great artists and top athletes!