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In times where guys can barely remember how to knot a necktie and don’t wear suits to work, it’s the dapper man who stands out from the rest. Here are my top ten tips for building your business wardrobe. Take a note and be on point.

1. Have two or three good quality, tailored suits
and say no to almost everything else, because having a few things really well made is what matters. You want a suits that’s the business.

2. Make sure your clothes fit properly.
Try on a suit in your “natural stance”, which means standing up straight, arms down and relaxed, to find the right fit for you. Ideally take a pair of dress shoes into the fitting room as well.

3. Pay attention to what you carry around. The briefcase has come a long way. Those boxy structured accessories have evolved into stylish carryalls and are still mandatory for making a professional impression in the modern workplace. A contemporary business bag enhances your attire, holds your laptop, keys, iPad, phone, charger and a few other things, and positions you as organized yet stylish to your colleagues.

4. You are far more likely to be perceived as competent if you are well groomed, and impeccably cared-for shoes will boost your professional image. Not only do polished shoes look good, looking after your footwear properly will prolong its life.

5. A quality watch means “open for business”. The watch should project your boldness but shouldn’t distract from it. I suggest simple quality transitional pieces that you can mix and match with your suits and shirts according to the occasion.

6. Avoid bright colours and loud printed shirts at the office. Look-at-me light pink or checked shirts might have looked good in the past, but as an expression of modern minimalism, a crisp white shirt could not be more straightforward. It embodies professionalism while allowing you room to display power.

7. Work as a team. Find the right balance by understanding the dress code of your industry. You can still be a team leader while playing within the team rules.

8. As classic as it gets, the right tie is a symbol of success. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of coloured, patterned, wide, narrow and textured ties available, which makes selection of an appropriate one truly a headache. I prefer to choose from navy blue ties in various patterns that can perfectly complement a classic white shirt.

9. Don’t overpower your look with accessories. Quality over quantity. A pair of cufflinks is meant to make your outfit, not break it.

10. First impressions count for a lot in the business world. Take this opportunity and return to work fresh and fashionable after the holidays.

Guest Editor: Matthew Zorpas

Guest Editor: Matthew Zorpas

Matthew Zorpas is a London-based creative consultant. He founded his website, The Gentleman Blogger , in 2012, offering a mix of men’s style and travel features. A regular fixture on best-dressed lists, Matthew also teaches at several respected universities and recently published his first book: London 100, A Gentleman’s Guide. Follow Matthew on Instagram here .

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