Winter work outfits for women Winter work outfits for women

Knitwear for Men

Knitted outfits are the ideal choice for winter and in the transition to colder weather, and offer warm protection from the wintry temperatures outside. But warmth isn’t the only thing they provide. If you combine cardigans, sweaters, and turtlenecks in the right ways, you can create incredibly suave and sophisticated looks. But how can you combine cardigans and which men's outfits does a turtleneck jumper go with? This guide gives you styling tips for different men's knitted outfits.

What can you combine with a cardigan?

It’s not difficult to style outfits well with a cardigan or sweater – quite the opposite, in fact. These items are proper all-rounders and can be combined with just about anything, from a polo shirt or tshirt to trackies and jeans. Men’s cardigan outfits can also emit a sense of professionalism when combined with an Oxford shirt or as a substitute for a waistcoat as part of a three-piece suit.


When pairing items with your cardigan, remember to combine similar styles and patterns. A mismatch of oversized and tight-fitting styles just doesn’t cut it, just like a mixture of stripes and checks doesn’t work either. If you’re wondering what to wear with a cardigan, remember that less is more.


Neutral colours are easy to style and can give a simple yet elegant look. For example, a men’s grey cardigan outfit can be created by combining a grey cardigan with a black, white or dark blue shirt. You could also opt for a brightly coloured top to really make a statement or reverse the concept and pick a bright cardigan and a plain shirt for striking styles. With endless combinations, you can have a different yet expertly styled look every day!


Smart-casual cardigan outfits for men are also possible. Pair a classy cardigan and a smart shirt with jeans for a trendy but professional look. You can style your cardigan to fit into any environment, whether for it’s a cosy look for home, business casual for the office, and even date nights!




Long cardigans are ideal for warm winter outfits for men, but it can be hard to find the right jacket to match. Short cardigans, therefore, are much easier to pair as they can be slipped under almost any overcoat. Long cardigans and cropped jackets are difficult to style, and usually require a little bit more fashion knowledge to pull off. That said, if you choose a thigh- or knee-length winter jacket, you can easily wear a long cardigan. Even if your cardigan peeks out from under you coat, it’s not a big deal.

Winter work outfits for women Winter work outfits for women

Turtleneck styles for men: What to wear with a turtleneck?

Is the turtleneck still relevant in the fashion world? Many people are quick to judge this vintage garment, but the “high-necked jumper” is an incredibly versatile item that everyone should own. Wondering what to wear with a turtleneck? You’ve got plenty of options, from shirts to cardigans or even just by itself. Aesthetic turtleneck outfits are easy to create, offering both elegant and casual looks. Find some more turtleneck inspiration below.





Like cardigans, turtlenecks are timeless and can be combined beautifully. Both short and long cardigans go well over a turtleneck sweater, as do matching jeans or skinny-fit trousers. Pair your black or white turtleneck outfit with men’s high-end sneakers for a modern look or dressy business shoes for smarter occasions.




As classic as they are simplistic, thick and thin-woven turtlenecks for men provide the foundations of many different outfits. For smart-casual looks, wear a shirt underneath a zip-collared turtleneck. You can also create stylish looks by doing the opposite – pull a shirt over the turtleneck and leave as many buttons open as your mood desires.



When the weather gets a bit milder, bring a flannel shirt or blazer jacket which you can quickly throw on as soon as the cold evenings roll in. When paired with a turtleneck, blazers can lend an air of sophistication to your outfit. Leather jackets, meanwhile, exude trendiness. Turtlenecks are even making a comeback as an alternative to smart shirts in men’s wedding outfits, which just goes to show how versatile the garment is.



Of course, knitwear is also a great pairing for turtlenecks. A buttoned-up knitted waistcoat over the top radiates class, while adding a tailored jacket and a long overcoat completes the outfit. This way, you can be sure the fickle British weather doesn’t catch you out.

Winter work outfits for women Winter work outfits for women

Find your style - from casual to business

As we’ve learned already, modern knitwear outfits for men have it all. They’re trendy, they’re daring, but they can also be elegant, suave, and sophisticated. Cardigans and turtlenecks can be combined in so many different ways that you can look good wherever you are: at home, in the office, or on a night out. Style your outfit just the way you like it with a whole range of colours and cuts.



Loose knitwear is perfect for casual outfits. Combine a soft turtleneck with sweaters and cardigans for cosy evenings on the sofa or relaxing nights in with your mates.



When it’s time to get a bit more dressed up, smart jeans or suit trousers go well with a turtleneck. Add a suit jacket and you’re primed and ready for your next meeting or dinner date.



Combine a cardigan or sweater with a loose t-shirt and sneakers for an active and leisurely look. Turtlenecks aren’t great for creating sporty outfits, so it’s best to not involve them in your sporty look.



By wearing a turtleneck under your college jacket, you can create the vintage style that emerged in American prep schools in the 1920s and has continued to be so fashionable even today. Chequered cardigans, polo shirts, and baseball caps also suit this look.



Do knitwear items like cardigans make good professional outfits? Of course, provided you don’t overdo it. Cardigans and turtlenecks are fitting additions to any business-casual outfit for men and with laced shoes, smart chinos, and a formal overcoat, your suave look is complete.


In order to switch up your styles and cover all bases, you need a range of items in your wardrobe. Once you have stocked up on some quality basics for your wardrobe and a variety of accessories, you’ll be well prepared for any and every occasion.