What to Wear
to a Wedding

Wedding dress codes, decoded

Putting together the perfect wedding guest outfit is an art form in and of itself. There are so many things to consider: venue, time of year, type of celebration, the list goes on. An important thing to remember is not to steal the spotlight from the wedding party. The idea is to step out in a guest look that seems effortless, but has been strategically styled to appear so. So how do you make sure you look the part, whatever the style of the nuptials? It is all about expressing your personal style within the parameters of the wedding’s dress code. Scroll down to read our ‘What to Wear to a Wedding’ guide, including wedding outfits for men and women, and some useful tips for all wedding guests to follow.

Choose your guest style

Fall weddings

Wondering what to wear if you’ve been invited to an autumnal wedding? Crisper weather conditions call for a different approach to dressing. Layering is key for men and women. Men should choose a medium-weight suit in a subtle pattern or darker colour, and select a tie to match. A coat finishes the look, but be mindful of the style. Opt for something tailored and elegant, like a wool topcoat or trench. Women should trade summer’s soft pastels for jewel tones. Reach for a maxi dress or jumpsuit in a luxe texture like wool, silk or lace.  

Winter weddings

Winter weddings take place when temperatures are lowest, and they call for guests to wear something slightly warmer, and more practical, than they would otherwise. For formal occasions, a three-piece suit in a heavier fabric is your best option: the most classic colours to opt for are navy, grey, charcoal and dark blue. If you’re going to be spending time outside, wear a formal scarf for extra warmth. Female guests can use the opportunity of a winter wedding to make a statement. A standout suit is the ideal outfit option, paired with a sophisticated overcoat to keep warm.

Choose your guest style