48 hours in NYC

BOSS and travel company Black Tomato partnered up to create the ultimate NYC Guide
BOSS x Black Tomato - 48 Hours in New York

We sat down with Tom Marchant, co-founder of cutting-edge travel company Black Tomato, who gave us his take on what to eat, drink and do during a visit to NYC. A travel innovator who splits his time between Black Tomato’s offices in London and New York, Tom spent five years living in the city, making these recommendations the perfect balance between local favorites and new-to-the-city spots.

1. What are your top three neighbourhoods in New York and why?

West Village – Offering a slightly calmer vibe in the city that never sleeps, the West Village, to me, is a peaceful oasis in central Manhattan that’s unrivalled. With chilled restaurants, cozy bars and some of the best boutiques in the city, I never tire of the West Village’s charming cobbled streets. Lower East Side – I lived here for three years during my time in New York and its energy still excites me. The Lower East Side is a true melting pot, where every street corner buzzes with a rich slice of New York’s multi-cultural history. But, be warned, this is more of a weekday spot, so if you’re visiting for the weekends, I would explore elsewhere. Nolita – This neighborhood offers the perfect blend of character, calm and chaos. The area itself is just a few small few blocks wedged between Soho and Little Italy, but it has some of the best restaurants and art galleries in the city, plus there’s always a unique bar that has its own palpable energy to discover.

2. What’s always your first port of call after touching down at JFK?

This all depends on timing. If it’s late afternoon and I’ve got some time to get across to the West Side, it would be a cold beer at the Ear Inn while the sun is setting over the Hudson outside. If the sun’s down, I’d head over to Spring Street and grab dinner at Rintintin. Or, when I land in the morning, I always grab breakfast and sit in Madison Square Park – nowhere offers the same sense of place.

3. Everyone that lives in New York has their own hidden gems, what are yours?

Tough one – there are so many. Argosi Books on East 59th Street has an unrivalled collection of first editions - at a time where purchasing literature is semi-retired to the internet, a visit here will reignite your faith in the bookstore. Another favourite is Alife Rivington Club, it’s one of the best sneaker boutiques in the city and is conveniently located just a few blocks from Excuse My French - one of the best little bars in the Lower East Side.

Black Tomato x BOSS - 48 Hours in New York



  • Russ & Daughters
This slice of old Manhattan has been dishing out unmissable cream cheese and lox bagels for more than a century. Generations of New Yorkers have been fed by the same family, making it literally part of the fabric. Go with the ‘Classic.’ And expect to wait.
  • The Dutch
A handsome, 19th-century style Soho restaurant serving up some of the most delectable fried chicken in the city. For me, it’s an instant classic.
  • Via Carota
Just off the bustle of Seventh Avenue, this is the only Italian restaurant you need. Elegant, buzzy, reliable. And, like all proper gastrotecas, it serves early to late. A perfect aperitivo of Campari, Antica Formula, and seltzer is the freshest of combinations - regardless of when you roll up.

  • Contra
The embodiment of cool, Contra—minimal, industrial—can get rowdy. But that’s all part of the fun. Their prix-fixe menu is widely held up not only for being hugely inventive but great value for money, too.
  • Buvette
Hitting the spot every time —which is good, because it’s open 18 hours a day—Buvette, a self-styled gastrothèque, does small plates with big bistro energy. Because sometimes you just need a croque monsieur at midnight.


  • The Beekman
There’s an air of Agatha Christie about this sumptuous bar beneath the Beekman Hotel. Leather seats and glass cabinets set the scene for cocktails named after artists and writers. I’m a fan of the Truman Capote, with a flush of lemon and basil to its gin and cava.
  • Atta Boi (speakeasy)
A secret(ish) doorway leads to a discreetly alluring bar that, since 2012, has been big on atmosphere and big on cocktails. There's no menu, so I can't really recommend anything except the mixologists themselves. Every sip is a small work of art.
  • Cherry Tavern - dive bar in the East Village or Maison Premiere in Williamsburg
No New York experience is complete without an East Village dive bar. I’m talking jukebox, pool table, and a host of taps. Cherry Tavern has the formula down to a ‘t’.


  • Running along the east river before running over the Williamsburg Bridge and heading to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg
I’ve talked a lot about food and drink. That’s what keeps NYC running. But sometimes it’s good to literally run. For me, it’s always along the East River, before striking out along the Williamsburg Bridge. The view floors me every time.
  • Jet skiing around Manhattan Island
New York is a water city. And while the ferries are iconic, I like the high-octane rush of jet-skiing around the island of Manhattan. It’s the best way to drink in the often mind-bending scale of the city.
  • Late night Jazz at Zinc Bar in the village
Jazz was once the lifeblood of Greenwich Village, and Zinc does its best to keep its flame alive. Way back in the 1950s, when this space was called the Cindarella Club, Thelonious Monk was the house pianist. And that’s some serious pedigree.

Tom Marchant

Co-founder of cutting-edge travel company Black Tomato

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