How to combine suit and sock colors

It's tempting to treat socks as an afterthought, but if they provide a flash of colour when worn with a suit, they can command considerable attention. Ensure that you match the colors of your suit and socks according to these rules.

Red socks by BOSS Red socks by BOSS

Black suit

Black suit

Black suits look sharp and formal, and will be an essential part of any business wardrobe. Color can look out of place here, so the socks should be a neutral shade.

Grey socks Grey socks
Grey socks

Whether light or dark, shades of grey will provide a slight contrast to your suit. They will work well if your shoes are any shade other than black.

Black socks Black socks
Black socks

For the most elegant look, black socks and black shoes will appear effortlessly understated.

Black suit by BOSS Black business suit look by BOSS

Navy suit

A good navy suit will work for any business occasion, from a boardroom meeting to a day at your desk. This versatile design works with a range of sock options too.

Red socks Red socks

Bold contrast can be a powerful move. Red socks provide a way to achieve this without having to take any significant style risks.

Navy socks Navy socks

For something more understated, tonal navy will keep your outfit streamlined.

Grey socks Grey socks

On more formal occasions, grey socks go well with a navy blue suit, as they create a more professional look.

Brown socks Brown socks

Brown socks provide pleasing contrast when worn with navy tailoring. Make sure that your shoes are a different shade.

Navy suit by BOSS Navy suit by BOSS

Grey suit

Grey suit

Although grey can appear to be a serious color, it mixes easily with other shades, making a grey suit a versatile piece to style.

Turquoise socks Turquoise socks

Brighten up a grey suit in the most sophisticated way with a pair of turquoise socks.

Navy socks Navy socks

Shades of blue go particularly well with grey, and navy is a strong choice to combine with charcoal tailoring.

Grey socks Grey socks

For a firmly professional look, grey socks are a foolproof choice when worn with a matching suit.

Grey suit Grey suit
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