Different linen fabrics by BOSS Different linen fabrics by BOSS
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The material: linen

A soft and lightweight fabric

Linen has been used in clothing for millennia, with examples reaching back into antiquity. There's a reason that linen has remained so popular for such a long time: while challenging to produce, this natural fibre is soft, breathable and comfortable to wear. It is particularly favoured for its performance in high temperatures and its durability.

Linen can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in water without feeling damp, allowing the fabric to wick moisture away from the skin while being worn, keeping the wearer fresh. It is also naturally lightweight with high conductivity, meaning that it always feels cool to the touch.

Clothes made from linen often have a pared-back, summery look, thanks to the slight wrinkles that naturally occur in the fabric. Whether worn as a suit or shirt, the material creates an effortlessly leisurely look.

Linen fabric by BOSS Linen fabric by BOSS

Advantages of linen

Reasons to invest

There are many good reasons to wear linen, since it provides performance, comfort and style in one.

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Temperature regulating

Although an entirely natural material, linen is noted for its high performance, especially in the heat. It will help to keep you cool and dry in the most sweltering temperatures.

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Linen is a hypoallergenic fabric with a neutral pH balance, making it a prime choice for people with allergies, sensitive skin or eczema. It is also comfortable for young children to wear.

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Strong and durable

Linen is stronger than cotton, and naturally resists getting worn out. It even tends to get softer the more it is worn and washed.

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Resistant to stains

Naturally stain-resistant, linen is relatively easy to care for and will last a long time.

How to style linen

Beige linen suit and white t-shirt by BOSS Beige linen suit and white t-shirt by BOSS
Light blue linen shirt with blue blazer and navy pants by BOSS Light blue linen shirt with blue blazer and navy pants by BOSS
Create your summer look

Linen fabric often contains light wrinkles throughout, but this should be seen as an advantage. It adds a leisurely feel to any outfit, including tailoring, which still looks sharp and sartorial when cut from linen. The fabric elevates your attire, however you wear it: whether as a suit for a summer event, as a casual shirt, or perhaps as a statement accessory such as a tie. Try mixing the material with other clothes in lightweight fabrics such as cotton for an elegant finish.

The BOSS linen selection

How to care for linen

Pure linen label on linen blazer by BOSS Pure linen label on linen blazer by BOSS
Clean and protect your linen products

Always follow the care instructions on each garment.

Linen is very easy to care for, since the material is hard-wearing and resists abrasions. It can usually be washed at high temperatures (although take care with dyed garments), and it is best ironed while slightly damp. A starch spray can help to keep linen from creasing, if desired.

Suits should usually be dry cleaned: while the linen may be washable, the canvassing and linings are usually nol.

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