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Sean Crocker

Sean Crocker Sean Crocker
Tell us about your golf career and success – when did you start golfing?

I grew up playing baseball and football and only seriously took up the game of golf when I was 13 years old. I played a lot junior golf with VCJG (Mark Wipf), SCJGA, FCG (Chris Smeal) and the AJGA.  I was player of the year for that county a couple of times.  My Amateur/College career was decent enough although I never won, I had multiple top finishes and reached 6th in the world ranking as an Amateur before turning pro.  

Why did you start golfing?

My Dad works in the golfing industry and it was something I got hooked on as I was around golf all the time. 

When did you realize that you were really good and could go pro?

Early in my golfing career I found that I took to the sport very quickly and fell in love with the game. 

How did you get so good?

I got dropped off at the golf course at 7am and picked up at 7pm every day in the summer and spent my time  on the golf course and have continued to this day.  – natural talent, hard work,intense training, etc.? I believe it helps to be naturally talented but hard work is the key.

What is your greatest strength – personal and then golf/professional?

My personal strength is my desire to compete and take on challenges.  My ball striking and the ability to drive it straight and distance.

What is your favorite course? golf hole?

My favorite course is MacArthur Golf Club in Hobe Sound in Florida and my favorite hole of all time is 16th hole at Cypress Point.

What is your least favorite course? golf hole?

My least favorite course is any course I have not played well on HA HA HA !!!  Any hole I have made double bogey on “that’s a lot of holes”. HA HA HA 

Do you have any pre-tournament rituals, quirks, good luck charms, etc

I have a pebble beach ball marker and I always tape my right index finger.

How do you spend your free time?

Working out and just relaxing cause we do not get much free time.

Tell us about how you prepare for a major tournament/golf season?

I prepare for every tournament big or small the same way, which is seeing my swing coach David Leadbetter and practicing a lot on course. 

Where do you train?

I practice and play at Bear Lakes Country Club in Palm Beach gardens in Florida.

What is your “recipe” for success?

Staying in the moment never looking back and trying not to get frustrated because it’s just a game.

What is your style on the course?

I am old school. I prefer basic colors, black, gray, and navy because it just looks clean.

What is your style off the course?

Casual, mostly gym clothing as I live in Florida, which is super humid and hot, so light clothing and I have to say that HUGO BOSS has lots of these cool light colors in their range.

What is the one thing in your wardrobe that you could not live without?

HUGO BOSS pullovers and jumpers and underwear.

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